Without Justice

by Milagros

Hello, I am from Mexico, so please forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes.
It has been only two months when Carlos left me. He was shot on the head by a thief. It was around 5:30 pm and he was coming from work. He was opening the gate when this ugly guy asked for the car keys; Carlos did not understand him, so when he turned to this ugly guy to ask “what?” he received the shot.
I saw everything, and when this ugly guy ran away I followed him yelling and cursing him. He turned back and chased me. Thanks to my neighbor (he yelled at him) the ugly guy did not get into my home and killed me too (sometimes I wish this happened).
Carlos was lying on the garage in a blood puddle. Our two little girls saw him until other neighbors took them away. My uncle is a doctor and he could stabilize Carlos until the ambulance came.
My neighbor rushed me to the hospital where I met my step parents. The doctor told us that nothing could be done. It was a mortal shot. Carlos died at 7:33 pm on March 12, 2012. He was 42 years old. He was a high school teacher, and taught ethics (so needed in this country). He was a “gentleman” in all the word.
It is not fair. All of this happens because Mexico, the government does not care. The police and the thieves “work” in the same team. We, the citizens, are helpless. We can do nothing because when we blame these ugly guys we can be killed. My neighbors and I know who this guy is, but we are afraid. I have two little girls to take care of, and if I claim for justice I can receive threats and end up dead. I do not have enough funds to move to other city or other country. All my family lives in the same street, so I have to stay here, hating the country once I loved. I feel deeply sad. I only ask God three things; time runs very fast, my children are adults, and I pass the way to be with Carlos again in the “spirits world”. At this time, nothing can cheer me up.
The children and I are taking therapy, but I feel I cannot close the circle without justice. Family and friends tell me about “divine justice”, but I want justice from this world, but I cannot get it, because in this horrible country it is dangerous, as I explained.

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Jun 03, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss
by: Laura

Dear Milagro,

I was surfing the web this morning looking for some type of information or answers to try to make myself feel better. I read you passage and began to cry thinking of your children seeing your husband laying in a pool of blood and thinking of you and your unresolved anger because of this injustice. I know there are no magic words to say to make your pain and anger go away. Mostly, I just wanted you to know that someone in America is thinking of you and that you will remain in my prayers. I lost my husband in February 2012. He was a true man. A man who was chivalrous and hated injustice. I miss him everyday. May God bless this day for you and watch over you for each day going forward.

May 23, 2012
No, it isn't fair.
by: Julie

I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing about death is fair. Many of us on this forum would saying losing our loved ones was not fair. But, for you to have seen your husband shot, know who did it and not expect justice is beyond belief. I lost my husband of 45 years six weeks ago. the pain is unbearable. I cannot imagine how it would feel if someone had shot and I knew there would not be justice.
I am so sorry for you and your children. I will be praying for you.


May 23, 2012
If I was there
by: Geoffrey Campbell

If I was there sweet heart, I give you my word, I would take care of that ugly guy. I have done it, and it is the duty of every honorable man, to do this work, it is never easy. The Mexican Goverment is corrupt, totally.
Tened fe en Dios, querida hermana, reza a Jesucristo y le ayudará a usted ya sus hijos. Los hombres como el señor feo hay que tener cuidado, hay que tirar la basura, que matan a personas inocentes. Dios los castigará, que ha prometido.
Sincerely, a friend in the United States

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