by carolyn

I was involved in a car accident also, and although I was not hurt in the way mentioned above my boyfriend broke his back, his foot, and had a deep gash in his leg. I had to be cut out of the vehicle and spent several hours in the hospital. However, that is not the source of my grief. Once my boyfriend got home I waited on him hand and foot (through my own pain), bathed him wiped his butt as he could not reach it, and barely a week later I found texts from him to one of my good friends and coworkers. I simply went to work and called one of his friends to move his stuff out. I have not confronted my coworker and have unfortunately said and texted some mean and nasty things to him.

The worst part is the people who hit us were drunk drivers, we were in his car all of this is going through someone else's insurance so I don't know how to deal with that or deal with the loss and the hurt and the anger towards him. So not only am I grieving our relationship, and that of my coworker (so called friend). I am also suffering guilt, anguish from the wreck in an emotional sense. I hope talking about this to strangers helps because I can't seem to get relief from family members.

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Sep 20, 2010
Thank you
by: Terri

It saddens me to hear you have lost so much and I wish I could help. I do not know what to say to help console some of your feelings but I do want to say thank you because it is nice to hear I have someone on common ground with me when it comes to the accident. Thank you for sharing and I hope things get better quickly for you!

Sep 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

To Anonymous
That is the closest to what I have felt that has been expressed by anyone. You will NEVER know how that has touched me and strengthened me.

Sep 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

YaYa, I, too, am from tn, so that makes us kindred spirits I guess. We suffer losses in many ways, not just through death. And they all come with their own measure of pain. You lost the
feeling of safety on the highway, due to the accident. You lost control of your own life, having to be removed from the accident by someone
else. You lost the life as you knew it before the accident. And you seem to have lost your
companion to betrayal, and your trust in your coworker.

That's a lot of loss for one person to endure. Look for the positive in this situation. You didn't lose your life, or your ability to be mobile and continue to work. The coworker wasn't
a true friend, but i understand how it hurt your pride. Your boyfriend, well, you are probably blessed to have found out his true personality
when you did. One thing has to be removed from our
life before something good can take it's place.
Count your blessings, may God guide your life to
better things and happier times.

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