Year of the Gauntlet

by Michelle
(Conyers, Ga.)

In 2008 I was living the American Dream. I didn't own a 4 & a half BR two story home. But, my husband & I were renting it
at a song. It had come to us as answer to prayer.
My health was going from fair to unfair. And the neighborhood
where we lived was going to hell in a hand basket (in 1998).
I hurt all the time & the pain became a life sentence. To add
fuel to the fire gangsta wannabees took over. Little kids
coming home from school were approached by young men walking
down the street smoking reefer. Finally a police officer told
me if I didn't like the environment where I lived, I should move. The wannabees made a laughing stock of local law enforcement. I thought I was sick before. But now I was sick in my heart, in my spirit.
So, I went to God & asked Him; If He wasn't going to heal me,
would He please give me a house to live in? I was tired of apt. life( though the apt.'s where I'd lived, were all nice

There are so many details where blessings abounded, where He
answered my prayer. Family became such a reward through God's
merciful touch. When my Mom became ill, she would come & I
would care for her. Siblings & their children would come &
visit. We had a family reunion. My Daughter & grandchildren
would come for Holidays.
All this time we were self employed. We didn't have luxury
but we had love. And, lots of family. When troubles arrived,with prayer & family everything worked out.

In Feb. 2008 Mom had a massive stroke & passed away. Family came and together we got thru it. Than in May I tried to reach my Dad by ph. for a wk. Finally I called the
local police only to discover he had passed a wk. earlier.
In Sept. Mom's sister passed ( we had been very close)
suddenly. Than on Dec.28th my closest sibling died of cancer. You'd think well surely knew this was coming, if
she had caner. Not So! We were expecting a miracle. This was the 4th & most difficult loss. Finally in 2009
the economy broke, And our Little business failed. We had to give up the house. My husband had to go on unemployment.
And though there has been a little work here and there,
my health dose not improve. we have no insurance. And I
can't always afford my medications. My faith has been put to the test. And only now can I say, my faith is good.
For 2009, 2010, most of 2011, I have been a lost sheep.
I was 52 when this yr. when the yr. of the gauntlet began.
I never grieved even though I lost loved ones.
Grief is it's own entity. How long it stays isn't up to us.
Is It?

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