You are loved and missed so very much you were my rock:"(

by Elisha Jensen
(Phoenix Arizona)

I am asking anyone who may read my post I am in very need of so me help. On April 6th 2012 I had went in to the house 3 different times. I didn't knock on her door I thought she was just asleep. I am blaming my self what if I could of saved her. I went to bed At 4:45am and My 2 boys came and woke me up at 7:45 am. They told me that my mom wasn't answering her door I told them you guys its 7:45 am leave her alone. On the day before she gave me the keys to her room my son that has slept in her room for about 2 years he was grandma's boy. So when the boys woke m e up I called and thought well her boyfriend calls her only on her cell so I called her cell, then home, and then her cell again. I grabbed her keys and my boys were right behind me . I seen she had snot and blood to the top of her lip and her face was purple. I told my boys go out and turn the tv as load as it goes we have to get grandma awake. I called my grandpa in the next room and screamed please get in here and do CPR on her. My Grandma called 911 and we laid her down on her water bed and they told her to put her on the floor. We did that and as I was moving her bottom half, and my grandpa moved the top half. I see she had wet the bed and I just knew I was in total shock. I told them she is gone crying hysterically . I seen my Grandpa give her 2 breaths and seen her blow back at him I thought she 's alive omg she is here crying MOM please wake up I need you . Then my grandpa just started giving her chest comprehension. I seen how hard he was pushing I knew she wasn't coming back . My heart she took with her . I just don't understand WHY . She was my only rock there for everything why her I ask . She still had lots of life in here just the day before we went and got her prescriptions and some pictures and she was so excited to just get out of the house . The whole week she had been complaining of her stomach it hurt so bad. I told her we take this one hopefully it will go away. Well 8 years ago she had a awful experience and had to have it re done 4 times. They It's horrible they told her 4 years ago she had the same exact thing wrong with my back as my mom my L3 L4 L5 and S1 are are ruptured and we both had degenerative spine disease and it is basically is crushing out spine. It's a horrible situation. We are in We owe so much in bills and it would be much appreciated if we could get some help. My grandfather worked on my mom for about 20 minutes and the paramedics they told him stop working on her she has been gone for awhile I asked why can't you us the paddles. They told me she has been gone for a wile. I walked out of the room called my sister . And she said she felt something at 5am she woke up with the tv off and at 5 when she was awake I sobbed to her please just get her. I talked to her till she got her and I am so upset. I have no help I will if there is any one person that could read this would be able to help my email is gigglesinaz06 @ . You have no idea how much I would appreciate it . My mom was a Angel on earth and may she watch over all of us I love you MOm and MIss you beyound imagination. Take Care All of everyone May God be with you bless your family

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