You changed everyone's were a spokesdog for your breed

by Jeffrey Palmer
(Seattle, WA)

Dear Charlotte,

First of all I can't begin to tell you how much we all love you. I will never forget that day in 5/07 when I found you stuggling walking the streets of Pasadena, CA. I remember finally getting you to stop and saying "don't bite me" as I picked you up. When I brought you home it was just a matter of time between "we need to find a Pit Bull rescue group because we can't have a Pit Bull" to "this is our dog, she is our family, she will be a big part of our life". And boy, did you become a part of our life.

From the minute you were diagnosed with TCC in 5/12, Your mom and I immediately decided without hesitation we would do everything to present you with an excellent quality of life. For the next nine months you battled an extremely aggressive disease with the greatest dignity I have ever seen until we had to say goodbye 2/17/13.

I always laughed at people, because all you ever wanted to do on walks was smell the flowers and grass...then hide in the tall grass. Anytime you were ever near another dog you never showed a bit of interest. But people mostly avoided you with there dogs. It actually became a joke between all of us....oooohhh here comes the "vicious" Pit Bull...dogs hide! Children run to the underground doomsday bunkers!!!!! LOL! You were only interested in where we were going park, Dairy Queen, or sit outside at starbucks. I remember Christmases when we would dress you up in pretty bows, and that silly purple princess halloween costume you wore and you brother Max wore were hysterical. I remember when our friends would come over with there little children and you would always end up laying down right next to them after they would fall asleep on the floor. You were a master of the sleep over.

I sit here on my 45th bithday 2 days after your death and I am numb. I can't even think about anything that needs to be done. I can't recollect what my goals (family, work, or otherwise were fo the upcoming days...I am blank). The house is dead silent, except your kitty sister is crying out very loud looking for you. Your mom and I are in a daze. There is no birthday celebration for me today...I called it off.

All I think about is you jumping for that dang leash and bumping me out of the way with your big butt. Standing behind mom every step of the way while she cooked. Going with us everywhere (parks, trails, dog allowed restaurants..Norm's was so much fun). And the biggest on of laying between my legs on the couch with your head on my stomach almost every night...boy, "Walking Dead" was scary sometimes, huh?

I could write forever about my girl, but I am having a problem seeing the screen though the tears. So, I will leave you with this.....I wish you to run and play with all your past brothers and sisters (Quincy, Racheal, Max, Olivia, Spencer, Tabatha). But, never forget us...we will NEVER forget you.......EVER. You were our lives for 6 years and we cherish every moment spent with you. I love you my dear Charlotte. Be at peace.


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Jun 18, 2013
Heaven wouldnt be heaven without my dog there beside me...
by: Anonymous

Please believe that your sweet Charlotte is waiting patiently for you at the bridge with all her brothers & sisters and like the song says:
And maybe someday I'll see you again. We'll float up in the clouds and we'll never see the end ...

I miss my pit Tank so much and its been 4 years, I cant see a picture or think of him without crying still. It sucks.

You save her life: and changed it forever. Bless you.

Mar 04, 2013
Charlottes Daddy
by: Loxes mamma Monique

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl, the emptiness just doesn't go away for me, on February 10 th, I also lost the love of my life" my big scary pitbull " Loxe.. Your very lucky to have had this amazing bond like no other, it's hard to put it into words just how special, and amazing this friendship sorry...

Feb 27, 2013
I am so sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss of Charlotte. I just lost my baby, my best friend, my helper, my heart this last Saturday the 23rd. I can barely eat, I can barely be at work without losing it, and I can barely sleep. I share your pain with losing a family member not that long ago. The house is silent and my life has been rearranged. I do find some comfort reading others stories about their beloved dogs who meant the world to them, as mine did to me.
Keep reading others stories, keep writing, and keep grieving. I feel this will help some. No matter what we do, we can never bring them back. I kiss my baby's collar everyday. I talk to him every morning knowing he is still listening. I do hope you find some comfort soon from the loss of your sweet Charlotte. I am so sorry for your loss.

Feb 25, 2013
Your Beloved Pit Bull
by: Diane

Please accept my condolences, I too know the pain of losing a furbaby. I wish I could tell you it gets easier or goes away, but you just learn to accept it and live with it, there's nothing else you can do. Time is the great healer and some day you will think of your baby with a smile, and not with tears. RIP sweet baby.

Feb 24, 2013
Animal Lover
by: Anonymous

Hey sorry for your lost. I do now how that feels. I've had at least 5 death, and 2 of them (cats) are in resting now I say about 10 yrs. now, and one like 8 yrs. and two about 20 yrs. ago. Cats & dogs. They are so loving they actually end up being part of the family or more so. They love you unconditionally. So I do know the feeling of missing a pet. Now the most important life of my life is gone next month 1 yr. and this is a human being my husband died of Leukimia, but this is a posting for animals, so just want to say he/she is in a better place with GOD no more suffering. Just remember the good memories, and that keeps you warm inside. Well for now take it easy, and GOD bless you.

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