you grew old so fast and in a blink of a eye you were gone

by greg ogdon

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my little payton of 13 years old died on 7/13/2011. he was a boston terrier. during payton's life he had some health issues(mini strokes, blindness, sinus issues, getting sick after eating), but he always recovered. on the 13th i went to work like i normally do and when i arrived home later than normal. i figured to see payton raise his head up from under his blanket on his little dog bed. when he wasn't there i started yelling for him as i ran thru out the house. i found my buddy under the pooltable. when i pick him up he just died in my arms. i tried to help him, but i didn't know what to do. he had over 20 strokes thru his life and always came out of it by just holding and petting him and telling him that i loved him with all my heart. this time i was helpless. i feel so much pain for not being home sooner. if i would have been home earlier i probably could have helped him. maybe he was just choking on his food and patting him on the back seemed to always helped or i wasn't there to help him thru his stroke like i usually was. i quit taking payton to the vet over 2 years ago when two different vets told me that my dog was going blind and with his other issues he was to old to do anything about it, and that i might need to think about putting him down.i feel that i've let my dog down in so many ways. i just wish i could say sorry. i didn't know he was going to die. i should have at least taken to a vet to be looked at. it was easy to see that he was getting old, but he got around just fine even know he was blind.i love payton. my life is empty with out you, i can't quit crying. i am going so lonely without him.

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Sep 15, 2011
Quickly gone, but not forgotten
by: James

I am so sorry for your loss. Perhaps now that a couple of months have passed, you are not feeling so guilty. Your friend had a long life, and as he always did, he waited until you got home to say good-bye. What a blessing to have had your friend for as long as you did, I'm well aware that it was all too short as far as you are concerned.Time does help ease the tears.

Jul 25, 2011
by: Julie,Michigan

My husband's favorite Aunt Passed away last night after a courageous fight with stomach cancer. She was peaceful at a hospice house. She was unresponsive in the afternoon, yet the family kept talking to her, hoping she would hear us. I spoke to her of my cats, knowing she loved cats and had 2 cat babies at home. I think it comforted her, knowing how much I loved animals, knowing that her babies would be taken care of when she left to be with God. But letting go of someone you love is never easy, even if it is "expected" with a "disease state as in cancer." Thanks for listening.

Jul 25, 2011
I share your grief.
by: Pauline

Greg, I have tears in my eyes and a knot in my tummy after reading your words as I too have lost something precious so know exactly how you are feeling. My beloved Dane died in March and I miss him dreadfully. All those people who told me "it will get better" were wrong, it hasn't got better. This feeling is awful. A feeling of sadness for Dane and the way he died. Anger at myself for not acting sooner and also at Dane for leaving me even though I know he couldn't live forever.

I would love to bring another dog into my life to fill the emptiness Dane has left me with but the thought of having to eventually go through this again is stopping me. Maybe a year down the line I will feel differently. I hope so.
Take care, Greg. I hope that by reading our words they bring you some kind of comfort in the fact that you are not alone when it comes to grieving for a lost pet..

Jul 19, 2011
I hope this encourages you
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear Greg, what I am about to say may be hard to believe, but it is true. I too recently lost a pet, the grief was too hard to bear, and while on my knees praying, I needed comfort, I asked God if He too loved my pet, for I loved her as my child, and wanted to know if He loved her as His child. I then claimed a couple of Scriptures I had memorized as His promises for guidance, and then asked that if this was so, that my finger would land on a verse with the word "child." While still on my knees weeping, I then slid my finger in the pages of His Word, firmly placed my finger down, and then carefully opened the pages. There beneath my finger tip, was the word,child. Then I knew for the first time, that God loved my beloved pet even as His child. I wept with joy.

Jul 19, 2011
So sorry about your baby
by: Anonymous

He was a cutie!! I know, we often think what if this, what if that. But I know you were a great "Dad" to him!!! We cannot keep them totally from all discomfort. You made the best decision you could at that time based on what you knew. He is not suffering now. One day you will see him again. God Bless!!

Jul 18, 2011
I am so sorry for your grief
by: Julie,Michigan

Dear Greg,
I understand what you are going through. My best friend, my maine coon cat Tigger passed away a year and 1/2 ago at the age of 13 and my husband and I had to make the decision to "take him to the vet" for the last time. Tigger had regular check up's, his bladder was getting worse, his arthritis was worse in his hip, he was peeing in back of the couch, he had a far away look in his eyes, and yet I still blamed myself, that I was the most terrible person in the world for making the decision to let him go to a better place. I feel for you. It is still hard a year and 1/2 later, but those first 6 months I cried and cried and cried too. I cried to my understanding friends. You are not alone. Talk to your friends, they will listen. Take care.

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