Your Face

by Shannon Barclay Adams
(Morgan Hill,Calif. U.S.A.)


If these words, have crossed your path.
Do life a favor, and cherish, each moment.
Like it was your last.

Pictures, of moments. Captured by chance.
Remembering , your laughter, caught in a glance.
I know you must hear me, praying out loud.
Asking directions, to exactly which cloud.

I cant take back, what has come to pass.
The feelings of guilt, are here to last.
For every single step I take. Re-Living through,
every painful mistake.

The times I never bothered to look.
Were times I selfishly just took.
Never choosing, the bad, from the good.
Thinking I did, the best that I could.
By Putting my children, first, like I should.

Yet, I truly believed, I wasn't hurting you.
Living the only way that I knew.
Now that I have, all this time to reflect.
All I see, is the harm, and neglect.

I thought Id live, this fairytale life.
Wanting to be, this perfect Mother, and wife.
I was so engulfed, in "happily, ever after".
Only now I see the most priceless gift,
had been right in front of me.

Now it's to late. I'm left living my fate.
Never to see, my true reality.
To be the Mother, I'm meant to be.

Given the chance, I'd love to
show, exactly how much I know.
I will forever see, your face.
In all I do, in every place.

Love, Mom
By: Shannon Marie Adams
June 2011

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