Your Little Girl

by Debbie
(San Diego)

Your Little Girl March, 2010

~ The seasons are starting to come and go
They’re never the same without you.
Time goes by with such moments of loneliness,
I still wake in the night feeling blue.

~ In my prayers, I ask God, so many times
Let me see my sweet mom in my dreams,
A hello, a big smile, or a touch on my hand
Maybe then I’ll find peace, so it seems.

~ I wonder so often, who am I now?
Without you, my dear friend in my life.
Your voice and your love and your laughter
So missed that it cuts like a knife.

~ I should know that your love is everywhere
And it follows me all thru my days
You said I’d always be your little girl
With those words I should live life with praise.

~ I wanted to ask you some questions Mom
I was scared to ask when you were so ill
Was God comforting you when you were scared in the night?
Did you know we were there with you still?

~ When you left us, I wanted to run far away
Some place where this loss wasn’t real
But “she’d want me to thrive in this life,” I told God
“not to run, or give up, but to heal.”

~ I talked to the people who’d listen
Of the agony that took over my days,
Dragging my grief around, holding it close,
Sometimes caused me to lose my ways.

~ God let you be with us for so many years
Still, I can’t fill the empty space inside
You always made me feel happy and safe,
Now so missed Mom, and oh how I’ve cried.

~ Can you see me sitting here thinking of you?
Can I still make you proud? Can I cope?
By imagining your words “you’ll always be my little girl”
Can only fill my sad heart full of Hope.

~Love, Your little girl

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Jul 16, 2010
I ask the same questions
by: Jayme

I too have lost my mother. She died a month ago i ask the same questions daily too. Does she see me crying? Is she sad bc I hurt? Does she know that I tried so hard to get to her?

Honestly i have no idea how to cope either, it's only been a month, but how does life go on? Your poem has cut to the heart with me and is beautifully written straight from a broken heart as mine is. I wish you peace friend, God bless

Jun 22, 2010
Often wonder
by: Debbie

I always wonder if she was trying hard to stay with us as she was passing. I wanted to hug her and get her up out of that bed.

I read somewhere it was said "how they went on with their business, the dying. They knew they were, they loved us, and wished to spare our pain. They would miss us. But their eyes were already on another landscape, and we saw them pulling away. They have reached a destination."

Apr 29, 2010
by: T~

Beautifully put, straight from the heart :)

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