Yttter-man Jake Norman Hunsbedt 12/03/86--10/31/09

by Donna

ytter and his wild hair

ytter and his wild hair

Ytter-man my son took his life on Oct 31, 2009.
This not my sons name but anyone who knew him on-line knew him by this name. As does most of the family.

He loved trains; from the time he was old enough to walk, when a train went past his Grandmothers house he would go to the window to watch. He was an active member at Ribbon & Rails model railroad club. He also had a train layout in the basement, and had started a second smaller layout.

He liked to go with his father in the logging truck. He was 4 years old when we moved to Sidney.

He spent many Sunday afternoons taking train pictures and hours of train video on his computer.

His biggest thrill was when he went to Havre to see the Daylight Special #4449 (a steam train) come through. He felt all trains should be steam.

His other love was music he had a wide variety of music on his computer. Everything from rock to classic to country. He also liked to read as with his music his reading material was wide ranging. He was willing to discuss anything and had an opinion on most everything.

He left us too soon and will be missed by many.

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Feb 04, 2017
Old pictures
by: Donna Hunsbedt

Was sorting some pictures and I came across some pics of Jake at about age 2-3. A couple with his Dad .
I was amazed that I didn't cry. I actuality smiled at some of them. He was such a cute happy kid. A smile that would melt your heart. My sister always said his giggle was like the Pilsbury dough boy.
Will always love and miss him.

Sep 23, 2016
Almost 7 years
by: Mom

Recently a friend of Jakes from Billings made contact.
It has been nice talking with him. But I wonder why it took so long to contact me. You hear stories of people thinking it is fun to prank a grieving person.
I hope this is not the case here. I have contacted some of Jakes friends to see if they know him.

Jul 07, 2016
To my son
by: Mom

Been long time don't want to think about how long.
I still miss you and always will
Hey Sharp if you check back please post again
Jake shut me out of his world, it was his age and I know it would have changed if he had gotten older.
I would like to hear more of what every one has to say.
Good or bad

Apr 30, 2016
Hey Ytter, SHARP dropping by.

I met Ytter on &T back in '04 I think it was. He was one of the more thoughtful posters there, and I don't remember him ever ripping on someone. He could disagree as we all can, but he was always a decent human being to others, and had a great sense of humor. I remember his trains, for a long time he didn't mention them, but one day he did and someone asked him to explain a bit more, and thus we got a bunch of videos and photos. Having been into modeling myself, although not trains in particular, I must say I was impressed by his immense knowledge, and attention to detail, that guy certainly knew what he was doing.

Ytter-man ya' crazy bastard, every time I see or hear a tinfoil hat mentioned, I remember your post where you asked for volunteers to help in the struggle against the alien overlords, and as I responded as the first and volunteered to give you a helping hand, you responded with -"Congratulations - you are the first Galgahar! *anoints with tinfoil hat*", and it always gives me a chuckle. I've never found out exactly what a Galgahar is, and I don't need to, the fond memories of talking to you are enough.

It's been years now, but you're not forgotten, you left a deep imprint on many of us, and although they might not all come by this place, I'm sure they haven't forgotten you. To be honest I don't think I ever will.:)

PS, I just saw a crazy GIF of a model train running in an endless spiral from the center and outward and then looping back to the center in one long unbroken chain, and thought -"Ytter would've loved this".

Dec 02, 2015
Miss him
by: Jakes mom

All of you knew my son in a way I didn't,, he shut me out at about age 15-16 or maybe younger. When he passed he was just starting to become the adult he would be and I could see who he would be.
I miss him and lord knows I would give my life to have him back.
So any input you can give me thank you.
Any info you can pass on thank you

Nov 30, 2015
Love you
by: Mom.

It has been 6 years and I know the pain will never end..
But it will lessen only because I have learned coping mechanism that work. I need them to keep my sanity.
I have good days and bad days.
But it does help if those of u that knew Jake - Yetter man or what ever name he used online will come back and let me know that u still miss him. And tell me what u knew of him for a few years he didn't share much with me. It was only the last 2 r so that he shared some with me. And that wasn't much.
So I would like any input u can give me

Oct 31, 2015
Missing A real true friend
by: S.L.W

You know there ant a week that goes by without thinking of you Jake. You was the only real and true friend I've ever had and you still are the only one. I really wish you where still here. I shur could use a a real true friend to talk to. I miss our talks and your advice and your way of always getting me out of a bad funk feel. Miss you Man, wish you was still with us, I really could use and need you right now buddy...
You truly are and am the Only Real True best Friend I've ever had in my life and you still are the only real one I've ever known and had. Have.....
I talk to you a lot, at least once or twice a week as I look up,
I hope your having fun and a good time up there buddy. Bye ttyl

May 04, 2015
Still miss you
by: Mom

I have finally admitted that u are gone . I ordered a grave maker for u. It will be out at The Nameless Cementary at Cartwright. I thought u would like it there. U can see the ND tunnel from there I think. And u won't have to deal with a bunch of people.
Just so u know I will always miss u and love you.

Dec 14, 2014
Miss you ese
by: GBoC

Hey Jake

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and xmas, wherever you are. Gonna crack open a Zima in your honor (if I can find one lol).

Dec 06, 2014
Miss you
by: Mom

I still miss your passing left a hole in my heart and my world
I think I understand why you did what you did and at times blame myself. Tho in order to keep my sanity I relize what you did was your wish. I guess I knew because had tried before.
I will always love you and miss you

Dec 06, 2014
Still miss you
by: mom

It has been 5 years. I hate this time of year Oct 31 date I lost you. Nov 27 thanksgiving a Hoilday you liked and then Xmas your favorite. So for 3 months I go thru pure hell.
I think I understand why you did what you did and have more then once blamed my self. But to keep my sanity I don't dewell on that.
I will always miss and love you and wish you were here.
Love Mom

Sep 30, 2014
Almost 5 years
by: Mom

I still have a hole in my heart left by your passing. I suppose I always will.
When Gretchen was here I made the comment that I still turn off the car and pull the keys before I shut the garage door. I rellized early on that it would be so easy to just shut the door and leave the car run.
There are times it feels like I am the only person who remembers Jake.

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May 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

still think about you buddy. wish we could sit and have a beer, laugh about the the silly things we did.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”

Feb 19, 2014
I'll never forget.
by: MLoR

I knew Ytter/Jake very well through online forums and especially &T, we were really close. I just want to say we'll never forget you man. Azalie and Jill miss you too. We love you bro, and always will.

Nov 10, 2013
Miss Ya.
by: Anonymous

Love ya Buddy.

Oct 09, 2011
been 2 years
by: Mom

well son if you are watching you know your cousin Cole has joined you.

i cant tell you what my world is right now there are so many things i would have done different given another chance.

i was at home the day after cole funeral(sp) and 2 white balloons floated thru the yard.

as long as i think of you as ytter-man you are not gone..
i love you and always will

Oct 15, 2010
thank you
by: ytters-mom

thank you for your commits (sp) it has been the worst year of my life i miss my son,

i know that as time passes the pain will ease, but right now as i come up on the 1st anniversary of his passing. the pain is as real as the first day.

so i thank all who have posted and miss him as much as i do.

he did walk to the beat of a different drummer.
i taught him to speak his mind and he did that well.

if you have a comment for or to me if you have his email address i still check it once in a while.


Jul 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I knew ytter_man through the various networks of online communities. He was a great contributor, he was always creative, always intuitive. I/We loved his work and his hobbies and how he would spend time sharing information and pic's with us. He was one of those who made the place what it ended up became, in all it's popularity/infamy.

I truly do wish he was still around, and that we had more time to spend with him. I don't feel particularly hurt by what happened, as it was something he was actually known to talk about and never spoke in a very sad way.

There was confusion, a kind of yearning for more, yet it wasn't typical. I truly wish he was still around in the form he was back then, but all his ideas and personality amounted to one thing, and that's the spirit that left his body that night.

So much love to him and all who knew him, there's nothing wrong or hurtful about him, I love him and give him peace.

Jul 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have a similar situation, although my son was not successful on Nov 24, 2009. I, in a way, also lost my son. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now completely blind. I am now taking care of him and trying to work full time.

I do have my son and feel very fortunate, but we have issues to deal with every day (decision making and awareness) that remind me of how unhappy I didn't know he was. He is a beautiful child but also a very different child. I found my child before the ambulance got there and pray that you do not have that mental picture. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

Feb 10, 2010
miss you
by: MOM

It has been a tough road son, all the things you left undone, all the things you will miss, all things we will miss together.

I could yell and scream but right now that won't help. I plan to do a lot of camping this summer and have every intention of trying to fill the Yellowstone river with rocks.


Jan 31, 2010
To Jake
by: Brian Sather

Jake was my cousin. Because I was 17 years older than him, we didn't get to have the same childhood relationship as Eric, Jared, and I did, which is unfortunate. Still, I remember him as a little boy, completely infatuated with trains. I remember a particular time when I came home from college and he ran up and gave me a big hug.

I will remember all the talks we had over the more recent years when I would come back to Sidney from California. I got to tell him about our Grandfather, who he didn't know, and what it was like growing up around him. We also talked a lot about family and what it meant. I hope he knew that when I told him that I loved him and that although we lived different lives, far apart, that he was my cousin... and that is important.

Jan 28, 2010
by: Gretchen

Jake and my son were friends when they were little boys. My son lost his dad six weeks before Jake died. My wish is that Eric and Jake are riding those rails together. They both left us far too soon and we miss them terribly.

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