Zachary Paul Robinette, born March 2, 1988 - died March 2, 2013

by SRobinette
(Downingtown, PA)

Saturday, March 2, 2013 about 10:30am, Zachary's 25th Birthday, my husband received a call from our youngest son, Jacob. In such a panic he said he had just got a text message that he should go the Hospital, Zachary maybe dead. Can you imagine receiving such a text about your older brother? My husband and I were out food shopping and rushed to the hospital. I knew it was true when I walked through the double doors. There stood my Jacob, the shell of a typically happy and smiling 18 year old, Zachary’s “little bro.” Jacob was much taller and thinner than Zachary but to him, Zachary was 10 feet tall.
Jacob facial expression was as if he saw Jesus Christ walk through that door but it was only me, my husband only a few yards behind me. For a few seconds, I think Jacob believed that I was his savor, that mommy could make everything better like when they were younger.
Jacob’s arms hung lifeless by his sides, palms forward, skin so pale and sweaty, and I knew Zachary wad dead. As I rushed towards Jacob, his knees almost buckled. He kept repeating, “Mom, he must be dead, they wouldn’t let me see him. He must be dead. Why can’t I see him..., Mom…Mom…?”
Here, we are today, with Zachary’s Birthday only 3 weeks away. My husband and I are shattered and Zachary’s two sisters and little bro are hurt, confused, and angry.
The text message was sent from Zachary’s a short term girlfriend to my Jacob cell phone. Who in their right mind sends a text message like that…the text messaging girlfriend didn’t show up at the hospital until after 2:30pm. When my daughters went to Zachary’s town home, later that day, everything of value was gone. No one has been charged with Zachary’s death. Zachary would have graduated college that May, with his degree in Business.
Zachary Paul Robinette
Born March 2, 1988 - died March 2, 2013

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Feb 14, 2014
To a dear mother
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you and your family. The passing of your child is overwhelming enough but to have his belongings not returned. I had met Zachary's new girlfriend only once, they were dating only a few weeks(6-8 wks). The sadness about the new girlfriends situation Zachary had spoken to me several times about what a bad choice he made breaking his relationship off with Lindsay ( a long-time 2 years) girlfriend. He told me that he was talking to Lindsay and trying to get back together because it was the biggest mistake he made in his life. He wanted Lindsay marry him and frankly she was the women that we expected to be our daughter-in-law but the next two days ended in Zachary losing his life.
The boldness of this other women to decide that my son's property was hers to give away was too much for me to take. She told me on the phone that she was taking Zachary coats/jackets...Oh, no. It was like my mother entered my body, Oh No. Zachary’s Navy Dress coat that I bought the past Christmas had a military pin that was awarded to Zachary's grandfather for bravery during a WWI on the lapel. Zachary was happier with that gift than any of the electronics we had gifted him.
I just know…I am so confused why anyone thinks that they are ‘ENTITLED’ to our sons’ property. Amazing or is the crazy…?

Feb 13, 2014
your son
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry about your son. How sad to lose a child so young. I also know your grief and your feelings for the girl. My son died young, and had partially moved in with his girlfriend. She was a mess to say the least. When my son died, I asked her for his things to be returned. I especially wanted one item I had just bought him. She never returned one thing. I have no idea what she kept. But she is out of our lives now. Wish she had never been a part of my son's. Perhaps he'd still be with us. He died last year, and we miss him so much. But again it was so hurtful that your son received such a tragic email. That was heartless! I'm sorry for your loss.

Feb 13, 2014
Zachary Paul Robinette, born March 2, 1988 - died March 2, 2013
by: Doreen UK

What a senseless loss of such a lovely young man. How very careless and insensitive of Zachary's girlfriend to send a text message relaying his death. How sad that Zachary had put in a lot of hard study for his graduation and career all lost now. It is a terrible time for you all as a family especially as the anniversary of his birth and death is approaching.
More parents are feeling very vulnerable towards losing their children to a sudden a premature death since this is happening at such a fast rate.
If you are a family of Belief and Prayer I urge you to cover all your other children and yourselves as parents with Prayer for God's Protection from all harm and danger. WE never know what God is protecting us from when we seek His guidance and Protection over our lives.
I remember once crossing a road at the traffic lights and being dark a car shot through the middle of the traffic on a red light and the car brushed past me and I was shocked as I had my head down. The car swerved almost with the driver in shock as to what happened. I just walked away and was thankful I was not killed at that point as I had young children who still needed me. I always Pray over myself and my family and I urge everyone to do this.
I am sorry for your loss of Zachary. I hope you get good support from family and friends and that you will recover from your loss.

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