A Wreck

It was April of 2009 and we fell in love with each other...truly,madly, deeply. Now its over. I was away from town on some work....after 5 years
..he just calls me and says he has fallen out of love with me..he doesn't love me any more. It was a bolt from the blue since he kept telling me that he loves me and only me till the day before. I am shaken. I am deeply hurt. Its been a year and nothing in my mind have changed. I am still crying for him. I am a wreck..... I am on fire. He has moved on....he has a great life. Why me? So unfair.... I don't know what to do because I am still so much in love with him.

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Nov 05, 2014
A Wreck
by: Doreen UK

I sometimes wish that we had the capacity to fall out of love so easily with the people who do the same to us. It is hard when only one loves deeply and the other one doesn't.
The hard part is loving someone who finds love in someone else. The question is Was it love? or infatuation? that he walked into and away from you. He was in relationship with you for 5yrs. Maybe he is not big on commitment? and will eventually do this to the one he is with now?
It hurts when someone finds their happiness in another whilst you nurse the pain of a wounded heart and spirit.
Once you have accepted what he has done to you will you find the strength in yourself to not let this destroy you, but use this hurt to make you stronger by shaking off the dust that has settled and letting this experience make you stronger.
Don't let this experience limit your life, but learn from this that you won't let this happen to you again. Put boundaries in place to protect yourself and be up front about what you will and won't accept in a relationship.
What he did to you was cruel and says a lot about what is happening in relationships today. There seems to be less commitment and more about pleasing one's self and going out and getting what one's want's regardless of the feelings of others. Learn something from these 5 years so that it is not a wasted experience.

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