Backpack Victims

by Beki Kalk

During the 90's, there was seven backpackers who just

wanted to travel around Australia, check out the famous

sites and maybe make a friend or two!

They were aged 20 to 19.

Caroline Clark and Joanne Walters were British


aged 21.

Joanne Walters was 22.

Gabor Negeubaur and Anja Habschied were German

tourists, and also a couple.

Anja Hadschied

She was Gabor's girlfriend.

Simone Schmidl from Germany was outgoing and sporty,

she'd lived in Australia for 4 months before she


Deborah Everist and James Gibson were both 19 and

both from Melbourne, Australia.

They died horrible deaths, and it was completely


There was no reason to kill these seven people, and

I would like to say how much I wish they had gotten

away, or at least stayed at home.

But, they lived for the moment and I hope they're in

a much better place now.

Rest in peace you seven backpackers, I hope you never

feel pain or agony again and that you are in a much

better place now, cause you deserve peace.

I may never have met you or seen you before but I hope

you have a great afterlife and are kicking it up in

heaven, where you can do anything you want.

You're family and this fan of you will never forget you,

or what happened to you.

Rest in peace young kids, rest in peace.

I will lay a flower on the area's where you fell.

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