Billy x

by Sahar Scott

I lost my house bunny Billy on Monday. He was almost 6 years old and had always suffered from bouts of Gi stasis something very common and deadly to rabbits. We always nursed him through these bouts of illness, we took him to the vet sometimes everyday for two weeks. We went to the emergency vet in the middle of the night multiple times, and I would have given 10 years off my own life for him to have got to 10 years. This time he had gone off his food and water late Saturday night/Sunday morning, he was in the emergency vet by 4pm Sunday afternoon. They told us his heart beat was slow, and his temperature was dangerously low. They also told us his stomach was very tense and bloated. We had x Ray's taken which confirmed it was just bloat and not any kind of blockage.

Due to his temperature and heart beat they kept him in over night on a heat pad and administered pain killers, critical care and gut motility drugs. I had a really awful feeling driving home, something this time felt different. We got the call to pick him up around 12pm the next day, I was so happy to see him and all the nurses had fallen in love with him. They advised me to take him to our usual vet. I arrived at our usual vet she said he had lost weight, and checked his heart beat which is when she told me he had a grade 5 heart murmur and we need to be referred to RVC specialists for a heart scan. They kept him there until they closed at 5 and we brought him home. We were optimistic as he had started eating small amounts and going to the toilet.

After around 2 hours we noticed his heart was beating really fast, and then slow and so on. We gave him his critical care which he didn't want to swallow which was unusual. I put him back in my room and he cleaned his fur and settled in his usual spot. I was lying on the floor with him stroking his head when his back legs suddenly kicked out. Before I could even comprehend what was happening his head began to shake and the whites of his eyes were showing. My mum immediately called the emergency vet, by this time he took 4 huge breaths and stopped breathing, his eyes glazed over. The vet asked me to lift his eyelids up and see if he blinked, when he didn't she informed me unfortunately he had passed.

I feel such a great loss, I feel like I'm in a dream and it never happened. I keep getting flashbacks at night of those last couple minutes. I know it was quick and he wouldn't have felt anything, and I take comfort that he chose to spend his final moments with me. But the house is so empty without him. He was like a little puppy. We arranged for him to be buried in a cemetery around an hour away. We ordered him a headstone, and they kept a lock of fur for us. We are visiting next week, it just feels so final now. Thank you to anyone who read this, I know it's very long. There's such a lack of understanding in society for someone who has lost a pet. Rest in peace Billy xxxxx

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Feb 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm sorry you lost billy! He was a beautiful bunny and my thoughts are with you he's now bounding around over the rainbow bridge free from pain and smiling you were are good daddy and was looked after beautifully. I joined this sight when my beautiful cats passed and found it comforting. When we love and bound with our animals its unconditional and the passing is as painful as humans. My heart and strength I send to you at this sad time. God bless Zoe 🌈🌷🌸

Feb 22, 2017
Rest now sweet Billy
by: Kim

Dear Sahar,

I am so sorry that you have lost your beautiful bunny, Billy. I too had a bunny and he had the run of the house. They truly are like little puppies. Allow yourself to feel his loss, it is the only way to heal. One day at a time your heart will mend around a wonderful memory of one of God's sweet little creatures. I promise you, it gets better and the memory of Billy will one day put a smile on your face. Give yourself time...


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