Bruce Reyes

by Elan Wasabara
(Bayonne NJ)



Bruce you changed my life when no one couldn't. You saved my marriage where I have failed. You've been by my side for twelve years and not once have you giving up on me. I received a call from my grieving wife tonight while I was at a game. She told me you were gone. I left the game immediately wishing that it had happened in my arms instead of hers. The way it was meant to be. But yet she stepped in by herself and show you love in your last moments just like I would of if I was there.

We will always love you old man. Your Brother in Arms.


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Sep 27, 2018
My heart is with you
by: Elaine

My heart is with you. Less than a month ago we lost the another Beloved friend again. This time it was unexpected and our beautiful cat Ben. Expected to happen for many years but pneumonia took him suddenly. Despite our efforts to save him he died in our arms. It was only seven and a half expected to have him around a long time. I was such a good boy and it was heartbreaking!
The thing that keeps me going is that I know I will see him again someday in heaven with all my little loved ones. No one knows what God has in store for those who love him but I do know that Christ Jesus created animals and He loves them too!

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