Bruno, my son

by sweety
(Bilaspur, Cqhattisgarh, India)

Bruno,our love.

Bruno,our love.

Bruno our son, our nine year old black Labrador left us heart broken to meet his maker on 20th june 2018 at Bilaspur. He has left us with soul crunching grief and a lifetime legacy of happy memories. how can I frame into few sentences what all Bruno meant for all of us, His unbridled jest for ball, bones, shoes,slippers, mutton, hard boiled eggs & absolute hatred for other dogs, cows, & gas cylinder delivery men made him my very own unique Bunni(one among his hundred nick names). He enjoyed nothing more then following one of us around the house, non-vegetarian morsels during lunch & dinners, &over and above all his shares of hugs & cuddles. As he matured, he developed an unique trait of being able to read our minds & act accordingly, so much so that my father called him the world's most intelligent dog. In his scale of loyalty, my husband Ravi was at top with me & my father close behind. we will always love him. RIP

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Sep 25, 2018
To Sweety
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Sweety, for your understanding. I know It's a process. I really appreciate your message. Have a nice day!

Sep 19, 2018
by: Sweety

Hi... Sorry to know about Tagger.... It's an ongoing struggle to cope with the loss of our loved ones. The only consolation is that they will always be a huge part our life, safe in our memories always.

Aug 13, 2018
I miss my Tagger
by: Gine Oquendo

Hi, I can feel you because my beloved tagger died 2 weeks ago and I can't still move on and thank you to the Pet Cremation for helping us to the arrangement of our beloved pet. And also to our friends.

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