Edward A Dillman, Jr

by Mom
(Sinking Valley)

Dear Eddie...It's been over 6 yrs now....I swear, The more time that goes by...the more I miss you!!I totally love living in your house...but, lately...I don't feel like I'm "living"...I'm just existing! It just seems like, when U left, all the joy in my life left with you!!The days just go by and it's just like each day is just like all the others!! Sorry for being so down,,,just seems like, there ought to be more in life, than the same old, same old each day!!I would love to sell the ground and use the money to make your house beautiful! I so look forward to the day, when I will see you again!I love you as much as I did the moment I felt you move, before birth!! I totally loved you more than anything else and anyone else!! Bye for now,,,

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