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My baby puddles

when i went to adopt a pet she came to me right then i knew it was gonna b the one that day we became inseparable she was all ways so playful so full

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Your My Poodle My Only Poodle

Poodles was her name,I had to put here to sleep on the 4th of December 2017. (cancer) She was about 15. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. let

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Wrigley's journey

Wrigley was my first service dog as I have been wheelchair bound for 27yrs. He was by my side for nine and a half years during that time the life's he

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My two sons, Mark 25.4.76-11.4.2016 Matthew 6.10.77-1.4.2009

At times my heart will sing and at times my heart becomes heavy with the tears that erupt within. I search to find answers to questions that I have

Continue reading "My two sons, Mark 25.4.76-11.4.2016 Matthew 6.10.77-1.4.2009"

Definition: Reminisce

Thinking back, a simple word, Rarely used, but often heard,

Continue reading "Definition: Reminisce"

If I had to write a poem

If I had to write a poem I would put pen to my thoughts, and describe my inner feelings as I should have but did not Belying hurt and grief I braved a

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Prince Harry

We had to say goodbye to Harry in June, so 3 months ago. I thought I would be better about it by now, but I'm not. Sadly, we'd had to put our other cat

Continue reading "Prince Harry"

My Lucky boy

Its been just over 4 weeks since we had to say goodbye to our much loved fox terrier Lucky! Although I don't want to write all the details down as it is

Continue reading "My Lucky boy"

She was more important to me than I knew....

It was like any other day. I was working at the hospital when I recieved a call from my mother. It was around 10 on Monday morning. One if our neighbors

Continue reading "She was more important to me than I knew...."

My Gypsy

Yesterday I had to take my beloved 16 or 17 year old Dalmatian Gypsy to have her put down. I am so broken-hearted. She's been going downhill slowly but

Continue reading "My Gypsy"

Jodie My Best Friend and Companion

In the year 2000, we rescued Jodie from the animal shelter in our hometown of Laredo, Texas. I always enjoyed the way she and my two daughters would spend

Continue reading "Jodie My Best Friend and Companion "

I Have Often Though About Who He Was

THERE was a boy who liked butterflies looking at the moon and stars through his telescope cats, especially Ruthie rollerblading

Continue reading "I Have Often Though About Who He Was"

Missing Merlin

Almost 2 months ago my cat Merlin passed away, he was only 2 years and some months old, which makes it even more difficult to accept. He was, at least

Continue reading "Missing Merlin"

Edward A Dillman, Jr

Dear Eddie...It's been over 6 yrs now....I swear, The more time that goes by...the more I miss you!!I totally love living in your house...but, lately...I

Continue reading "Edward A Dillman, Jr"


My beloved little Hammy (‘Hamilton’) got me through some horrendous times – from the loss of my 7-year-old daughter (we bought him for her) two years ago

Continue reading "Hammy"

My Sweet Angel Baby Charles

I am creating this page in honor of my son Charles F. Sawyer IV. My husband and I found out we were pregnant in March of 2011, while stationed out in

Continue reading "My Sweet Angel Baby Charles"

Finding a cure.

Searching for , a certain way,

Continue reading " Finding a cure."

My Niko💗 was killed by a one should have to go through this💔

I just lost my 11 year old dog NIKO💗 who means the world to me. He was attacked/murdered by a pitbull who was being walked by a girl in my development.

Continue reading "My Niko💗 was killed by a one should have to go through this💔"

I choose to #doitforbrian

The quality of one’s life is not determined by length but by depth. What that person brought to this world while they were here. I proudly say that my

Continue reading "I choose to #doitforbrian"

Remembering You

I remember your smile I remember the life found in your eyes. I remember that summer before you passed and how I would fall on my skates because I was

Continue reading "Remembering You"

Adolph Passerini: Born August 8, 1924, Died January 14, 2010

Adolph Passerini was born August 6, 1924 and passed away on January 14, 2010 at Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown New Jersey surrounded by his

Continue reading "Adolph Passerini: Born August 8, 1924, Died January 14, 2010"

Benjamin Lee Shane Champion of Life

Ben was born in 1993,he died in 2014, at 21. Today is his third year in heaven and I am his mom. I miss him, I miss him. Ben was a miracle, at birth

Continue reading "Benjamin Lee Shane Champion of Life"

Billy x

I lost my house bunny Billy on Monday. He was almost 6 years old and had always suffered from bouts of Gi stasis something very common and deadly to rabbits.

Continue reading "Billy x"


Learn how to meditate today! Great stress relief and enriches your life... follow our easy crash course !

Continue reading "LEARN TO MEDITATE"

My Rolo

I lost my beloved pet dog ROLO he was 14 he died of heart failure I'm absolutely devastated I had him cremated at Leyland pet crematorium he was put in

Continue reading "My Rolo "

New Year's Eve 2016

I know you('re gone, just want to believe, To feel your presence,

Continue reading "New Year's Eve 2016"

How ?

How with grief , does one forget? How with thoughts so firmly set ?

Continue reading "How ?"

Tristan Gail Gray 27

4 months ago I opened a hotel door and walked into a whole unwanted and unexpected nightmare of a life of shattered dreams and goals; I walked in that

Continue reading "Tristan Gail Gray 27"

Why ?

Why her presence when she's gone ? Why the love from far beyond ? Why her memories from week to week ? Why the young her face they seek ?

Continue reading "Why ?"

I Remember My Son

Those days he was small were his best days of all. I Remember his laughter as he played with his brother, Hot wheels,tree climbing and carving pumpkins

Continue reading "I Remember My Son"

My worse regret..

Hello. I wanted to share my story with everyone. I am 19 years old and in February of this year, I went to the emergency room for vomiting. I thought I

Continue reading "My worse regret.."

My beautiful wife

MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE Happy birthday Lisa! It has been 4 years, 2 months, and 27 days since your passing....... seems like yesterday, seems like a lifetime.

Continue reading "My beautiful wife"

Motherless Daughter

I don't like to say I am motherless because my mother was a loyal devoted caring mother for the entire 33 years of my existence. I am a mother now and

Continue reading "Motherless Daughter"

I had an abortion 18 years ago and i regret it

I was 21 when I had an abortion. The circumstances of my life back then did not permit me to bring a child into the world, well I felt that my child would

Continue reading "I had an abortion 18 years ago and i regret it"

Lost my brother, my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime......

ken was my younger brother and him and I were very close. In fact, because we were so close in age, we shared a lot of the same friends. Ken was the

Continue reading "Lost my brother, my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime......"

20 seconds in Heaven

20 seconds in Heaven “Our Father who art in heaven “. . My Mom has started praying The Lords Prayer since she was brought to the hospital from the behavioral

Continue reading "20 seconds in Heaven"


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