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Missing my cat Eechu

Lost my most loved pet cat Eechu of 5 years to a supposed dog attack which killed him on 22nd Oct 2019 but the fact was hidden from me by my relatives

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Stay strong

Life can be hard When you lose someone you love feel like falling apart But you've got to stay tough. Think of the good times That you shared How much

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Grief, it’s not something you just get over.

Why I no longer care? I am going through a change in my life and a clean-up of my past. So as many may know, I have loved and lost a lot in the past 2

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Jason Mattson. 3.25.1972 to 7.12.2019

I love you so much. You were the best son a parent could ever hope for. My heart is lifted knowing you are in your happy place surrounded by those you

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Trying to get over the loss of our family Dog

Coming home one night, my husband and I were shocked to find white stuffing strewn all over the floor of our Manhattan apartment. Z.C. Our Tibetan Terrier,

Continue reading "Trying to get over the loss of our family Dog"

Emily Elizabeth Sarno, 14

Emily was a beloved dog. She was much more to the Sarno family than just a dog, she was like a sister or a daughter to them. Her family was with her during

Continue reading "Emily Elizabeth Sarno, 14"

Never lost always loved

The circumstances of my beautiful soul mate cat passing away were very hard but no harder than every other person who loses a beloved animal friend so

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Jeremiah 64

Life without Jerry is not the same. I long to hear and say your name. But when you left who's to blame. I guess that's the rules of this life game.

Continue reading "Jeremiah 64"

Juan Balderas- January 2,1972 to July 15, 2017

Juan was my husband & best friend for 20 years. We shared a life & relationship, we were a team , partners. He was taken from me suddenly & unexpectedly.

Continue reading "Juan Balderas- January 2,1972 to July 15, 2017"

Bruce Reyes

Bruce you changed my life when no one couldn't. You saved my marriage where I have failed. You've been by my side for twelve years and not once have you

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my son Timothy James O'Donnell 5/29/98-3/12/18

My son Timothy was 19 years old, When he decided to commit suicide. He was a kind hearted young man, he was my first born son. He was born may 29th of

Continue reading "my son Timothy James O'Donnell 5/29/98-3/12/18"

Life Happens .....

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Reality comes around. You feel helpless then hopeless. There is a huge empty hole where

Continue reading "Life Happens ....."

Musings and Memories of Teddy

I am beyond exhausted today. Losing Teddy our eight year old Miniature Poodle is like losing a HUGE part of myself - he was so sweet and lovable. Always

Continue reading "Musings and Memories of Teddy"

Katie Bear

The stars defer to your brilliant light As you go now on your final flight The sweetest note in the song of my life Gone with you tonight I adopted Katie

Continue reading "Katie Bear"

Bruno, my son

Bruno our son, our nine year old black Labrador left us heart broken to meet his maker on 20th june 2018 at Bilaspur. He has left us with soul crunching

Continue reading "Bruno, my son"

My Sweet Hana

My cat, Hana, died 3 days ago. I’m so heartbroken. Hana was a rescue cat, I adopted 14 years ago. She was my best buddy, travel companion and my joy.

Continue reading "My Sweet Hana"

Ruby Tuesday

We rescued Ruby when she was just 10 weeks old. She was a Staffordshire Terrier mix. She loved everything and everyone. Out family only went to malls where

Continue reading "Ruby Tuesday"

Missing Myshka

In memory of Myshka We had a lovely pussycat, With a very pretty face, But now wherever we go and look, there's just an empty space. She loved it in

Continue reading "Missing Myshka"

Invisible in Loss

I am not sure exactly where I fit in concerning grief. It seems as though my situation is so specific that I can find no one to relate to. I have been

Continue reading "Invisible in Loss"

My Sweet Sophie

I have known my Sophie since the day she was born. I knew her owner so about twice a week I went over to see her until I brought her home at the age of

Continue reading "My Sweet Sophie"

My dog Kendraa.She was 14 years old.

To my beloved best friend Kendraa. My best friend of 14 years, my Shadow. Now my Angel. I can't put into into words the deep loss and sadness I feel. I

Continue reading "My dog Kendraa.She was 14 years old."

My baby Sophie

My baby Sophie I lost my baby Sophie two weeks ago. I'm heartbroken and devastated to say the least. Sophie was a beautiful teacup yorkie, weighed 3

Continue reading "My baby Sophie"

Killer Winkles

My terrier, killer Winkles died yesterday and my heart is broken. I have cried and cried. I wasn't at home when he died. He was outside in the fence and

Continue reading "Killer Winkles"


I lost my best friend SNOOP last night. Snoop was a 14 year old Pitbull. He was the sweetest dog, and loved by everyone who met him. He loved his sister

Continue reading "MY DEAREST SNOOP"

The long goodbye

In 2011 my mum may as well have gone to heaven; she had dementia you see. We cared as much as we could but to stay at home was not meant to be. I had

Continue reading "The long goodbye "

My baby puddles

when i went to adopt a pet she came to me right then i knew it was gonna b the one that day we became inseparable she was all ways so playful so full

Continue reading "My baby puddles"

Your My Poodle My Only Poodle

Poodles was her name,I had to put here to sleep on the 4th of December 2017. (cancer) She was about 15. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. let

Continue reading "Your My Poodle My Only Poodle"

Wrigley's journey

Wrigley was my first service dog as I have been wheelchair bound for 27yrs. He was by my side for nine and a half years during that time the life's he

Continue reading "Wrigley's journey"

My two sons, Mark 25.4.76-11.4.2016 Matthew 6.10.77-1.4.2009

At times my heart will sing and at times my heart becomes heavy with the tears that erupt within. I search to find answers to questions that I have

Continue reading "My two sons, Mark 25.4.76-11.4.2016 Matthew 6.10.77-1.4.2009"

Definition: Reminisce

Thinking back, a simple word, Rarely used, but often heard,

Continue reading "Definition: Reminisce"

If I had to write a poem

If I had to write a poem I would put pen to my thoughts, and describe my inner feelings as I should have but did not Belying hurt and grief I braved a

Continue reading "If I had to write a poem"

Prince Harry

We had to say goodbye to Harry in June, so 3 months ago. I thought I would be better about it by now, but I'm not. Sadly, we'd had to put our other cat

Continue reading "Prince Harry"

My Lucky boy

Its been just over 4 weeks since we had to say goodbye to our much loved fox terrier Lucky! Although I don't want to write all the details down as it is

Continue reading "My Lucky boy"

She was more important to me than I knew....

It was like any other day. I was working at the hospital when I recieved a call from my mother. It was around 10 on Monday morning. One if our neighbors

Continue reading "She was more important to me than I knew...."

My Gypsy

Yesterday I had to take my beloved 16 or 17 year old Dalmatian Gypsy to have her put down. I am so broken-hearted. She's been going downhill slowly but

Continue reading "My Gypsy"

Jodie My Best Friend and Companion

In the year 2000, we rescued Jodie from the animal shelter in our hometown of Laredo, Texas. I always enjoyed the way she and my two daughters would spend

Continue reading "Jodie My Best Friend and Companion "

I Have Often Though About Who He Was

THERE was a boy who liked butterflies looking at the moon and stars through his telescope cats, especially Ruthie rollerblading

Continue reading "I Have Often Though About Who He Was"

Missing Merlin

Almost 2 months ago my cat Merlin passed away, he was only 2 years and some months old, which makes it even more difficult to accept. He was, at least

Continue reading "Missing Merlin"

Edward A Dillman, Jr

Dear Eddie...It's been over 6 yrs now....I swear, The more time that goes by...the more I miss you!!I totally love living in your house...but, lately...I

Continue reading "Edward A Dillman, Jr"


My beloved little Hammy (‘Hamilton’) got me through some horrendous times – from the loss of my 7-year-old daughter (we bought him for her) two years ago

Continue reading "Hammy"



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