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HOME PAGE-  You can trust our grief recovery website for
                        straight answers, practical advice... and hope.

YOUR PAIN- Learn about signs and symptoms of grief, coping
                        strategies, and hope for the future.
        Signs & Symptoms of Grief-
Learn which of the
                        symptoms of grief are normal and which are
                        serious warning signs.
        Trauma & Accidents-
Bereavement due to an accident or
                        sudden deadly illness can be overwhelming and
                        devastating. Learn how to cope with it and heal.
        Violence & Murder-
Grief from a violent death or murder
                        can be especially hard to deal with. Learn coping
                        strategies and find hope here.
        Suicide Grief-
Suicide brings with it a whole set of unique
                        problems- guilt, regret, stigma and shame. Find
                        healing and hope from suicide grief.
        Losing A Child-
A parent's grief from the loss of a child
                        is perhaps the most inconsolable of grief losses.
                        Find your way to hope and healing here
             Other Loss
- Grief is about more than just death. Learn
                       how grief from other losses can be just as

Grief Websites

GRIEF STAGES- There are several "working models" that
                        explain the normal stages of grief. Learn what to
                        expect during the grief process in this section.
        The New Grief Stages-
This working grief model, the
                        "New Grief Stages", is understandable and
                        flexible. It will make you more comfortable with
                        what is happening to you.
        The Kubler Ross Stages of Grief-
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
                        was a pioneer in the study of grief theory. She
                        helped promote compassion and caring for the dying.
            5 Stages of Grief- The 5 stages of grief is a well-
                        accepted grief model that will help you understand
                        griefwork or tasks to be completed.
        7 Stages of Grief-
The 7 stages of grief outlines a
                        comprehensive working model. Learn what to expect
                        and when things should improve.

COPING STRATEGIES- Grief is a natural process set in motion
                        following a tragic loss. However, there are several
                        effective coping strategies for dealing with sorrow.
        Physical Care-
Grief work can wreak havoc on your body.
                        You must take care of it now... you'll need it later.
        Emotional Strategies-
Dealing with grief and loss is made a
                         little easier with these emotional strategies.
        Spiritual Comfort-
Find spiritual comfort during your grief
                        and possible crisis of faith.
        Personal Priorities-
It is of utmost importance in managing
                        grief to treat yourself with kindness and respect.
                        Here's how....
        Social Support-
Experts agree that the most important
                        factor in a successful grief experience is support
                        for bereaved. Get the social support you need.

Grief Websites

THE COMFORT ZONE-Life has dealt you a horrible blow! Hold
                        on to one of these comfort and sympathy items to
                        help ease your sorrow.
Grief Pillows & Memory Foam-Feather your nest
       Angel Blankets & Sympathy Throws-
Snuggle in softness
       Memory Quilts-
Wrap yourself in memories
       Unique Comfort Items-
for your wounded heart

GRIEF GUIDEBOOK-The loss of a loved one is one of the most
                        tragic and devastating things a person could endure.
                        Heartbroken from grief? This excellent guidebook
                        will guide you back to life.

YOURSPACE-Experts agree that talking about your grief is
                        essential to a healthy mourning process. Express
                        your words of sorrow here.

THEIRSPACE- It can be comforting and healing to tell the
                        world about your lost loved one. Celebrate a life...
                        create a memorial website page today.

Grief Websites

HEALING ARTWORK- Never underestimate the healing power
                        of the creative arts... especially during
             Art Therapy Activity- "Drawing" out your emotions is
                        therapeutic and comforting.
             Memorial Painting- Painting is a very fluid and vivid
                        artistic medium, which helps the expression and
                        release of emotions.
             Grief Masks & Sculpture- What a soul-satisfying
                        medium sculpture can be! Both free-form sculpting
                        and the making of grief masks can be helpful.
             Altars & Memory Boxes- Collect mementos of your
                       lost loved one and display them in an altar or
                       store them in a memory box.
               Scrapbooking & Grief Journals- One healing activity
                        a grieving family can do together is tribute
                        scrapbooking. Keep a grief journal for your own
                        private thoughts and reminisces.

MUSIC & POETRY- Music and poetry provide a poignant and
                        soothing link to your soul that nothing else can.
               Soothing Music- Music has a magical touch that can
                        provide great comfort in times of bereavement
Grief Poetry- Explore our poetry section as a soothing
                        and satisfying form of grief therapy.
                       Poems for bereavement-Explore our inspiring
                            collection of soothing verse
               Memorial Quotes- Check out our thought-provoking
                        collection of quotes on grief.

MEMORIAL SERVICES-Plan a therapeutic memorial service
                        to honor your lost loved one.
               Special Ceremonies- Perhaps one of these touching
                        memorial services would be just right for you.

GARDEN MEMORIALS- A living memorial not only provides
                        comfort, it adds lasting beauty to your home.
               Plan a Special Garden- What a beautiful way to
                        channel your "grief energy"!
               Plant a Memorial Tree- A most honorable and
                        appropriate gift of remembrance.

Grief Websites

CREMATION- Explore cremation as a most fitting burial option
                        for your lost one.
               Scattering of Ashes- Scattering of the "cremains"
                        can help promote comfort, closure and healing.

PET LOSS-Can be just as devastating to a loving pet owner.
               Coping With the Death of a Pet-Understanding is
                        the key to a successful pet loss bereavement.
         Post a Loss of Pet Memorial-
Expressions of grief
                        are comforting and therapeutic
               Pet Loss Memorials- Find comfort and closure by
                        creating a memorial to your fallen friend.
         Pet Burial Markers- Commemorate your pet's
                        final resting place
         Pet Loss Poems-
Poems speak to your heart and help
                        you understand the pain of pet loss
         Pet Loss Books-
Tap into the wisdom of other animal
                        lovers who have experienced pet loss grief.
         Expressing Pet Loss Sympathy-
How to provide
                        loving support when your friend loses a pet.
         Pet Loss Gifts-
Show you care by sending a pet loss
                        sympathy card or gift.

Grief Websites

EXPRESSING SYMPATHY- It's hard to know how to properly
                        express condolence or lend a hand. Here's how...
               What To Say In Person- You can actually hurt a
                        bereaved person by saying the wrong thing...
               Sympathy Letters- Here's a practical guide and sample
                        letter of sympathy you can follow.

Grief Websites

SYMPATHY GIFTS- Explore our unique collection of
                sympathy gift ideas here.
               Unique Sympathy Gifts- Truly different and
                        comforting items.
               Memorial Jewelry- Memorial jewelry can bring a
                        bit of comfort and touch the heart.
               Memorial Picture Frames- Wrap a photo of the
                        lost one in an heirloom quality frame
               Baby Memorial Gifts- Offer a bit of comfort to
                        the heartbroken parents.
               Children's Sympathy Gifts- Children need just as
                        much comfort and support.
               Sympathy Gifts for Men- Lend some support to
                        the often-forgotten mourners.
               Sympathy Flowers & Plants- A traditional show of
                        love and support.
               Sympathy Comfort Baskets- A gift that will be
                        noticed, appreciated, and used.
               Sympathy Food Baskets- Another traditional
                        sympathy gift that is always appreciated.

HELP THE KIDS- An excellent resource to help you help kids.
               Age Specific Guidelines
               Therapeutic Exercises- Artwork helps children grieve
               Outside Resources- Books, support groups, online help
               Professional Counseling- When to seek help for your kids

Grief Websites

OUTSIDE RESOURCES- There are many outside resources now
                        available to help you survive grief. Online forums,
                        local support groups and professional counseling can
                        all help you find your way.
        Reactive Depression-
There's an important difference
                        between normal grief and clinical reactive
                        depression. Learn how to recognize complicated
                        grief and where to get help.
        Professional Counseling-
Most people stricken with grief
                        progress through it unaided to successful closure;
                        but sometimes professional counseling is needed.
                        Here's how to find help.
        Local Support Groups-
Sometimes grief brings with it
                        isolation and lack of understanding from outsiders.
                        Local grief support programs can provide much
                        needed emotional support.
        Online Forums & Resources-
Online grief forums and
                        support groups listed in our bereavement links can
                        provide help when you feel isolated in your grief.
        Grief & Loss Books-
Many bereaved people have
                        recommended these top grief and loss books as
                        especially helpful and comforting during the dark
                        days of bereavement.

Grief Websites

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