I Have Often Though About Who He Was

by Joyce Knock
(Des Moines, IA)

Loved the ocean!

Loved the ocean!

THERE was a boy
who liked butterflies
looking at the moon and stars through his telescope
cats, especially Ruthie
surfing in the ocean
collecting seashells
taking things apart and putting them together again
working out with Reid
playing soccer
learning new things
practicing his bow and arrow and target shooting
having Hayden over
scanning the beach with a Geiger Counter

He Found
learning easy
he found deep thoughts and asked provocative questions
didn't always want to practice
the piano and violin
but played them beautifully
and just as he was on the cusp of young adult manhood
he was gone
it was quiet
the music stopped
however, he remains in our hearts

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Sep 29, 2017
My Dad
by: Anonymous

Just lost my wonderful dad to dementia a couple of weeks ago.
His funeral was yesterday.
Although I knew he was passing away (I stayed with him until mum came to take him)
I'm still numb, feel in shock..
There's a big home in my life now that I've got to fill.

Aug 15, 2017
He will never be forgotten
by: Anonymous

Thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost my son last year and my heart goes out to you. Precious memories and God's comfort and Word have seen me through thus far. I've left Him in our Saviors keeping.

Aug 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to read your poem. I also understand the loss of a child. Mine took his life 4 years ago. he had just turned 22. His was due to being over medicated for a sleeping disorder. I am truly sorry for your loss.

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