If I had to write a poem

by Mike Bonello

If I had to write a poem
I would put pen to my thoughts,
and describe my inner feelings
as I should have but did not

Belying hurt and grief
I braved a face for all to see,
for it's not fair to those who loved her,
and she loved them endlessly

The heart pains......and bleeds
but the soul rips through and through
till there's no more tears to cry,
and darkness falls on you

then you will remember
of memories gone by,
you have endured the test of time
and squeeze a smile up in the sky

there was no doubt
we meant to wrinkle with old age,
leafing all those albums
reliving every page

but now she looks at me
and pushes me ahead,
for she wants not for me to falter
but strengthens me instead

if as they say Time Heals
I surely do not want,
I want her to live in me
this feeling of her warmth

when time knocks on my door
and grief will go away,
my heart will stop its beating
and I'll know that it's my day

and when this moment so awaited
will surely come to me,
with joy I will embrace you
as our souls will be set free!

Alas a poem needs a poet
and a poet I am not
but I hope these few odd verses
will bring for us some solace

Lest we forgot

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Oct 29, 2018
You are a poet
by: Helen

Beautiful I hope you continue with your poetry

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