It took three days

by Vanessa R Leadbetter
(Magna, Utah)

Julie was a Sable Burmese brought home by my older sister one sunny spring day. I have never loved anyone or anything as well as I loved her. A tiny cat, she would ride around on my shoulder all day. She slept on my chest every night. She was my best friend and died in my arms. I shared my life with her for 23 years. My fondest memories of her are seeing a fox up close growl at us. Watching a wild swarm of bees overhead. Her checking out the deer and the fawns pronking around her. We reading the paper on the porch, only to have a skunk walk between my legs and scare all of us. She batting my twin sisters curlers unexpectantly. Having the techs at the vet tell me shes the sweetest cat they;ve ever dealt with. It took her three days to die, I watched her. She taught me alot about love and death and I want to thank her for being my friend. She died July 28, 2004, and I think of her eveyday. If it was up to me. she'd be able to be a human this time in the physical plane. Hopefully she greeted my Beloved Mother Ruth who died October 5 2013, and Mama and Julie are watching the Olympics together up in Heaven.

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