Jodie My Best Friend and Companion

by Estella Canales
(Harlingen, Texas USA)

In the year 2000, we rescued Jodie from the animal shelter in our hometown of Laredo, Texas. I always enjoyed the way she and my two daughters would spend time playing. It was so enjoyable to see them interact. Well, time passed and my daughters departed for college. It was also about that time that my husband and I divorced. Soon both of my daughters received their degrees and moved on with their lives and their jobs. Before I knew it, it was just Jodie and I. We established a very close relationship. We even had a routine which we followed daily. A year ago, Jodie was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I took her and placed her in the care of a wonderful and caring Vet. We all battled against her cancer but unfortunately her cancer was just too aggressive. Last week I took Jodie to see her Vet for the last time. I held her in my arms as I kissed her good-bye and thanked her for the 17 years that she gave me. 17 years of love, happiness, and companionship which I miss so much. I recently received a sympathy card from her Vet and his staff. It was beautiful act of kindness on their part and I am truly grateful for it. I will miss my fur baby for a very long time. she will forever remain in my thoughts and heart. I love you my little girl and one day we will see each other again.

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May 14, 2018
just lost my best friend and companion
by: Anne

HI I know exactly how you are feeling. I just lost my faithful companion of 17 1/2 years on Tues. It was the hardest decision and day of my life. My husband and daughter were there to. We got Sparkles when she was 9 weeks old and my daughter was 22. It was the closest to a sibling my daughter will ever have and it broke my heart to see her sob and my husband sobbed uncontrollably too. She was my companion I work PT and was home with her most of the time. I talked to her all the time and shared everything with her. She took a piece of my heart with her and it is so hard to go on with life without her. It hurts to my core and I feel I lost the 2nd child I never had. I feel guilty doing things or trying to be happy. Everyone says this cloud will pass and maybe someday I can open my heart to a new fur baby. But right not I need to grieve my precious Sparkles who gave unconditional love 24/7. Thanks for sharing your story of your beloved Jodie

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