Katie Bear

by Erik S

Katie Bear

Katie Bear

The stars defer to your brilliant light As you go now on your final flight The sweetest note in the song of my life Gone with you tonight I adopted Katie aka Katie Bear aka Bear Bear on Nov 23, 2010 after an exhaustive search of greyhound adoption agencies. When I saw her picture I knew she was the one. The most beautiful girl with her striking Cleopatra eyes that also had a deepness to them, almost a sadness. I knew we would be perfect mates and over the years my prediction came true.One of my favorite things is when I'd open up the living room door she'd sit up excited, I'd walk around behind her and get down on my knees and she'd flop back in my arms, close her eyes and let out a sigh as if it were the most comfortable feather bed and fine linens she'd ever slept on. We must have gone through these motions 5,000 times over the years. I'm surprised she had hair left on her head and face from all the kisses.I don't want to go into too much detail surrounding her illness. It was in many ways the darkest 3 months of my life, but now, in some ways I believe it was also the most beautiful. The already strong bond we had was strengthened even more by all of the hours spent nursing her. She showed me trust like I've never felt before, and I gave her all of my love and my energy in every waking hour. She never fussed. She never felt sorry for herself. She was a proud and stoic girl who kept her dignity until the very end. I wish I had her strength.I gave her the final gift I could on July 8th 2018 at 12:01 AM. It was an act of love, of compassion; of mercy. I could be selfish no longer, I had to let my Katie go.Sometimes I feel numb. The pain comes in waves, like the tears. I try to occupy my mind and it works briefly, but once the silence returns, and reality reveals itself a stifling gloom sets in. The finality of it all. Helpless. Hopeless. Only the photographs to keep me company. I'm now thankful for each day that passes as it's a stitch in the wound, but this cut's so deep.I love you Bear Bear. Goodnight.

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