Lost my brother, my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime......

by Joanie
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

ken was my younger brother and him and I were very close. In fact, because we were so close in age, we shared a lot of the same friends.

Ken was the sweet and gentler one of the two of us and we both lived his life to the fullest. He was also up for anything. Whether it was a last minute Pismo beach trip, or a bonfire or chilling with everyone at the fair, he was always ready and willing. Because of his humorous nature and able to interact with all walks of life, he had all kinds of friends.

My brother did his best at whatever task he took on. I can say with all my heart that he was very excellent at making his business work the best of his ability and he never quit. He always looked to me to give him clarity in a lot of big decisions in his life and I am so thankful, appreciative, grateful and fortunate for being blessed to have him as my little brother in this life.

When my brother was at his best, he was so funny, kind and gentle. He always knew how to make my mom and i comforted when we were overly stressed or worried about something. He was my best friend growing up. I still have extremely fond memories as a four year old holding my brother, soothing him, helping him down for nap time and sometimes pinching him because he is my little brother.

My life feels so empty right now because i have lost my little brother, my best friend, my confidant, my buddy, my partner in crime, my companion through this hardship we call life.......no matter what happened I always believed we would make it through thick and thin and at least see each other through the gray hair stage and I would be able to see his kids grow up........... I sit at home and feel like any minute Ken will walk through the door. I miss his kindness, his support and humor. Ken was always there if I needed someone to talk to or needed someone to make me laugh. He was protective of me as i am and was of him. i have been blessed that in all 36 and half years of his life we have never ventured too far and we shared countless memories together. we will always love you, no matter where u r, because one day we will see you again in a better place. I know that through this, we will have gained an amazing angel and buddha. i speak for my parents and myself today by saying that we hope that everyone here today will take the time to think about all of the fond and meaningful memories they had with Ken He may be gone but his memory will live on in us forever.

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Jun 20, 2016
Thank you
by: Joaniepooh

I really appreciate you reading. I have since then read up on a lot of things and joined a support group to discuss these things. it helps when you can see and understand others' that have gone through this as well otherwise you feel so alone. Thank you for your input. it was very super sweet.

Jun 20, 2016
Lost my brother, my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime......
by: Doreen UK

Joannie I am so sorry for your loss of your baby brother. You paid such a loving tribute to him that makes one feel their own memories with their siblings. You counted your blessings and you will have those memories forever that can never be altered by life with all its happenings.
It is so important to make the best of each day and hold our loved ones close to our heart because we never know when we will lose them.
Only when one faces the death of a close loved one that they realize how awful that pain of loss is that cannot be interpreted into words. Perhaps the worst loss one can face in life. The death of a loved one will affect our life for a long time. The sheer loss expressed in never seeing our loved one again on this earth is painful to say the least. But having the hope of eternal life means you will see your brother again fully restored and whole again and you will have forever, because in the next life there will be no more sorrow, no more tears, no more death.
May life treat you well.

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