Love Poem

by Barbara
(Whitehorse, Yukon Canada)

I saw the moon tonight
Not quite full - not yet
But coming into glory

And I thought of you

You left before the last full moon
And I gazed at it, in a clear cold sky
And wondered where you were

This is not a love poem, as such
I was not forsaken by a lover
Who left me for another
After ravishing me with
All the stuff poems are made of

No, this is not that kind of poem at all
But it is a poem about my mother
My mother, who left me
Who I loved eternally and completely
Who was there for me each and every day
Of my life

And now she is gone
And my heart is broken

(Maybe like the one who was forsaken by a lover)

It hurts the same. It hurts so much. Maybe much more
For life will never be the same

I look to the moon to try to make sense of it
But I can't

I miss you so much, my mother

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