Missing my cat Eechu

by Sandy

Lost my most loved pet cat Eechu of 5 years to a supposed dog attack which killed him on 22nd Oct 2019 but the fact was hidden from me by my relatives as I was on a tour and they knew I would be shattered by the horrific news . After my tour I would often inquire why was my kitty missing for long( He was an indoor/outdoor kitty) as he was very much attached to me and would not stay away so long .After much coaxing I was told about it yesterday and I could no longer control my emotions.
Meanwhile another shocker was that few days ago he appeared in my dreams and said that he has left this world forever and somewhere I believed it.
When he was ailing for about six months I had taken utmost care and gave the best treatment and he had bounced back to health since past two months. But look what fate had for him who was otherwise a very smart fellow who used to dodge humans vehicles and animals with ease .I shudder to think of his last moments and am distraught the I could not even have a final glance as I was away from him during his final moments. All these 5 years he knew he was well loved and cared for. He used to vocalize his calls to me as his mother as I had cared for him since he was a kitten. Though I have had cats all my life have never have I seen such a gentle lovable kitty like him. He has not ever bit or scratched any one all through his life. Missing you .Rest in peace my Eechu. You were a much loved pet .

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