Musings and Memories of Teddy

by Joanne
(Roseburg OR U.S.)

I am beyond exhausted today. Losing Teddy our eight year old Miniature Poodle is like losing a HUGE part of myself - he was so sweet and lovable. Always soothed me to just sit and pet him and get his lovable doggie kisses. My bed will seem especially empty now that he isn't spread
across the foot. Six and a half years I have taken him out on leash every single time he needed and he would always follow me
around waiting for me to light somewhere so he could be in my lap. He wanted always to be touching me, whether leaning
on me while napping, or outright crawling up into my lap for some loving. From the very scared little dog we acquired, he
grew to trust me implicitly and his world was ok when he was with me. I have never had such an adoring dog - probably
never will again like Teddy. We just needed each other!

Never was a sweeter, more loving dog & he was that way with everyone. Although easily rattled by loud noises, he would
always come to me to "fix" things. He had such direct eye contact - like he was reading my mind. Teddy was truly a family
member and his absence is already felt. Keep thinking its time to take him out, feed him, or ???. Don't know how long that
will last, nor do I know how long I will grieve. Today he sensed something was going on because he was extra affectionate
and woke me up by sitting on my chest and licking my face. Yes, he was a pleaser and so trustworthy on his obedience
work - I was proud of him!!!!

He greeted every morning with such joy and cheerfulness as he wrestled with his "Mr. Floppy" or chased his bear down the hall
- he loved to play fetch and "go find". I often thought to myself that I should wake up that way every morning too. You just
couldn't be unhappy when he was around! He was such a wonderful companion for Phil (my husband who has early Alzheimer's) and kept him company when
I had to be away from the house. (However he would start yipping when he heard my car pull in)

Having Teddy in our lives greatly enriched us both and definitely made us poodle lovers. I pray that one day I will be
blessed with another poodle like him - not that any could ever replace him since, like children, they are all unique
in their personalities.

So although now it is painful, I will grieve and eventually only remember the good times we had together.
Rest in peace my dear little dog!

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