My baby puddles

by Tammy catanzarite
(Fresno ca)

when i went to adopt a pet she came to me right then i knew it was gonna b the one that day we became inseparable she was all ways so playful so full of life i never left her alone she was my life she helped me threw the death off my mom she was always licking away my tears my heart is so broken by how quick she was taken im so dis-trot all i do is cry my life without her is meaningless she has now been gone 6 days i went an picked out the most beautiful urn an necklace but i dont get her for three wks its gonna b so hard for me to see her that way but she will be with me always i hope wherever she is she knows im here an maybe she will come visit i just know when its my time we will be buried together an she will be waiting for me until then my life has changed there is no loss like the love of your pet

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