My Gypsy

by Elaine
(Torrance CA)

Yesterday I had to take my beloved 16 or 17 year old Dalmatian Gypsy to have her put down. I am so broken-hearted. She's been going downhill slowly but it progressed the past week to the point that she could hardly sleep last night and was struggling trying to get up even though she couldn't. Her breathing was heavily labored and she had developed a horrible bed sore from trying to get around even though her legs had given out on her. I struggled to exercise her legs every single day for the past few months even when she wasn't able to walk properly.

Gypsy was such a happy-go-lucky dog and loved her walks which we also enjoyed taking her on. She was a rescue dog. I got her in 2002 when she was one or two years old. She was at least 16 or 17 years old when her legs started giving out.

I didn't want her to suffer! It was the hardest thing for me to do to take her to the vet and put her peacefully to sleep! I know in my heart that I will see her someday in Heaven. I will need a farm there for all my babies who are going to greet me when I reach the Gates of Heaven.

I had asked my Lord and Savior for a sign that I should know she's okay. When I arrived home and I was downstairs I heard her bark which some of you may say is impossible but it's not. All things are possible through Christ Jesus.

And later that night I was upstairs in my bedroom and I heard her barking down here. And I knew it was the answer to my prayer when I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit who dwells in me. Our God is an Awesome God!

I will continue to grieve because I loved her so much but I look forward to the day I enter the Gates of Heaven and Gypsy and all my beloved animals come to greet me! No one knows what God has in store for those who love him. But I do know I will need a farm in Heaven.


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Nov 21, 2017
Thank you!
by: Elaine

Thank you for your comments. May you find peace and comfort through Christ Jesus!

Nov 15, 2017
I understand
by: Kelly

wow. same scenario. Rescued my dog at 1.5 years, loved him like a son and as he began failing, and unable to walk, I slept next to him in the living room, and other than work, spent every free minute loving and taking care of him. He slipped away last week after experiencing the same complications of immobility as your dog, for several months. I am racked with guilt and grief. I pray for you, and me, to have peace again. I really felt like I was the only one who could feel this way about a dog. Your post made me realize that I am not.

Sep 02, 2017
by: Marie

Yes I to believe you will see Gypsy again. We have a wonderful God who loves his children and the beautiful animals he has created. I have one waiting for me and I know I will see him again just like you know you will see Gypsy again. There is going to be a big celebration in heaven. God Bless you.

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