My Sweet Sophie

by Ruth Ann

I have known my Sophie since the day she was born. I knew her owner so about twice a week I went over to see her until I brought her home at the age of 9 weeks. She was an "entertainer" from day one. We laughed all day every day at the cute things she did. She loved her toys. I had 2 whole baskets of toys for her. She would flip them in the air, play tug of war, and growl & chew on them. I bred her once at the age of about 3 and she was the most awesome mother. She grieved when they went to their new homes. She slept in our bed always . My husband made steps especially for her to get on the bed herself. She had her special blanket and pillow on the bed. I had 6 dogs at one time but was down to 4 but she was the most special of all because of her love for all people and dogs. She climbing on everyone's lap when they came over when all the others stayed away. She played with all dogs when the others just barked at them. She just LOVED LOVED LOVED. She barked to get me up in the morning because she wanted breakfast when all the others are silent. She followed me everywhere. When it was time to comb all of the dogs ( there are 4) the others would hide but Sophie ran to me and sat at my feet to be combed. Sometimes I would just comb her even when she didn't need it because she loved it so much. She slept more as she aged but still did her same routine. Last Wednesday night she was snoring louder than normal and she seemed to breath heavier than normal while on her side but when on her stomach she didn't do it. So I watched her. She continued eating and running and acting normal. Was in no distress. But after 2 or 3 days I decided to get her checked just to be on the safe side. I called the vet and TOLD them I was coming in before the weekend. Halfway there she passed out. When I got to the vet she was blue and couldn't be saved. I went into shock. She had a physical less than a year ago and was great. I don't know how her heart could go bad that fast to where she couldn't be saved. And WHY she had no symptoms. She was at the vet last Oct. for an allergy shot. She was normal. HOW HOW HOW can this happen without any warning. I can't eat, sleep, or stop crying. This is in memory and in honor of my Sweet Sophie. 6/9/03 -- 3/10/18 Sophie is a yorkie

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