To My Wife Deboarh From July 19 1997 to 1-19-2014

by Kenneth

This is my wife Deborah with her little baby.Maggie Mai.

This is my wife Deborah with her little baby.Maggie Mai.

I lost my wife that I loved so much.I know I did not show it as much as I should have.We talk a lot about getting old with each other.She was only 59 I am now 59 here.I have ask God to please take me every night.And yet I am still here.It's so hard on me now day's.I did like to ride my bicycle a lot but she was always worried about me getting hit.Well it happen on 10-1-2015 I got hurt pretty bad I was knock out and did not know I was hurt until the next day.Why could I have not been taking then?We got married on July 19 1997 and she went to heaven on 1-19-2014 we met online and it was love at first site.I don't know what to do here anymore.She told me a few days before she went if anything happens to me she wanted me to get re married I told her then she was my one and only and she is.I can not marry any one now.It just would not work out for me.It took me 40 years to find this woman the only woman at all that gave me a look.She was the one that gave me so much love to me.I was born with a speech problem but that did not stop her from getting to know me.She came down to meet me before I could go see her.And the very next week end I took a trip to go get her.I already had the ring for her.I was so scared to ask her to marry me but I did and she said yes.I was so happy to have her too.She was a BBW and I was that skinny gut that no one like at all. But she did and I did and still do love her so much here.We was in our 17th year and I was hoping to get 30 + years with her.I am so lost with out her by my side.I can tell you one thing you never do get over losing your love of your life.I have no one to talk to my mom is 84 and not in good health.My only sister and I don't get along at all.My mom was the only one to go to see my wife after she died.That hurts me a lot too.

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Jan 31, 2016
To My Wife Deborah From July 19 1997 to 1-19-2014
by: Doreen UK

Kenneth I am so sorry for your loss of your wife Deborah. It is got to be the worst experience of one's life to lose a spouse. It hurts for a long time.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to a deadly cancer. I nursed him for over 3yrs. and he died almost coming up to 4yrs. I could not function for 6 months. I felt as if something in me had died and I lost my motivation for life of any sort of living. This is a normal stage of grief. WE can do nothing but to let it run its course. One day you will wake up and feel life normal again. In the meantime you can NURTURE yourself through your grief and feel a measure of healing that will help you go on each day.
You will feel lost and broken for some time, but knowing that it won't last forever somehow gives one the motivation to go on each day.

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