Tristan Gail Gray 27

by Michael Gray
(Oklahoma City, Ok)

4 months ago I opened a hotel door and walked into a whole unwanted and unexpected nightmare of a life of shattered dreams and goals; I walked in that door and found the love of my life, my graceful gift from GOD, my love, and my only Tristan Gray Tristan Gail Aldridge Trisy Gail had been called on to her permanent home to serve in a different fashion. In the matter of a split second I went from the happiest man in the world who couldn't wait to see his wife after a long night on the rigs to being broken, shattered, on the floor, trying to call 911, and just trying to breath between the sobs, sniffles, and words.
As I crawled to the door and waved down the paramedics, the nightmare just got worse, but then as I heard the DOS call go out over the walkie my heart stopped and again I just fell to the floor it taking two firefighters to walk me out to the stairs outside the room, just to sit there and beg each officer, firefighter, detective, forensics member, and the Judge to please respect my wife and treat her with dignity. During all of this going on I didn't have a chance to think of Shari McCoy Rachel Reese Tina McCoy Keeli Aldridge Keith Aldridge Debi Jerrell Willey Stacy Gray Landon Brian Gray Kami Gray Robert Willey Barbara & Delbert Toni and her boys, as well as so much more family and friends would be impacted, this came once I began my long lonely trip from midland tx to shawnee ok without my copilot. Within a matter of seconds the burden i felt because of all the people that would be hurt stopped me in the middle of I20 trying to get on the shoulder......

To everyone that has been impacted by this decision of GODs that we do not understand all I can say is you are in my prayers, Tristan loved so many people that often she would not get around to see anyone, this is part of what made her her and our hearts become attached with hers. Each one of us will grieve in their own way and time and it is no ones right to judge another on how to grieve, just remember Tristan is looking down and the last thing she will deal with is not respecting each other, and I dont know about you but as her husband I've been on her bad side and thats the last thing I want.

To all the family and friends, Till the good Lord calls us all home and we can have a reunion with Tristan, my prayers are with you.

To the love of my life, my only, my wolf, and my baby, Till I am called home and can run to you and hug my dear missed friend, I love you and miss you,

Shakes Yarg
Michael K Gray

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Dec 19, 2016
Tristan Gail Gray 27
by: Doreen UK

Michael I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved wife Tristan Gail. Grief and loss of a spouse is one of the worst experiences of our life. To have loved a spouse is one of the best and endearing experiences of life. WE don't process life with dying because life is meant to be positive and joyful and we do feel as if we have life forever. We cannot process it any other way otherwise none of us would take this step to marry and build a family. If we have many years together we are fortunate. But having loved another is a Blessing.
I lost my beloved husband of 44yrs. to a deadly cancer 4yrs. ago. I nursed him for 3yrs.39 days before he died and my grief started the day of diagnosis. Your experience was of a sudden death. You did not have time to prepare for your loss and so your grief will be greater. To know God is such a help and comfort in loss. knowing God created life and marriage, and He holds our loved one's in his bosom when they die is a comfort. Knowing you will see your wife again is HOPE. Don't lose this Hope. Hope is what will get you through each difficult day. Crying is good grief and you will heal from each tear you cry.
One day there will be no more tears or sorrow, or death. May God comfort you each day through your loss and bring you healing and recovery from grief.

Nov 03, 2016
Tristan Gail Gray 27
by: christine

You are so right, we all have to except God's plans for us. He never promised us a long life together. It does hurt very much when He takes a loved one from us. But we do have the promise of being together again and that promise is what gets us through each day. That hope of being together again in a beautiful, perfect home. No more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears. I lost my 38 year old son, 4 years ago this month and my hope is in the Lord and I am at peace when I think about my son knowing he is no longer suffering. To be with Jesus and my son will be my reward and the end of this journey. In Christ the end is only the beginning. When God wipes our tears sorrow gives way to song. God Bless All Of You. Trust in the Lord to do whats right. Christine

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