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It's hard to know what to send to a newly bereaved friend, coworker or acquaintance.

You can always send traditional  sympathy flowers or a thoughtful  comfort basket.  However, we present below a few ideas for some really unique and supportive sympathy gifts we recommend that you might not find elsewhere. Like a tear bottle, for example...
(*** So what the heck is a  tear bottle?

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This page is loooooong... but loaded with our carefully selected, interesting and unique sympathy gifts.  How about an Isabella item, Oak tree kit, Name a Star or Angel Catcher Journal ?

Take your time and explore...

Our Living Memorials Collection

A truly unique sympathy gift...

Dawn Redwood Tree-to-Be

Thought to have been extinct for centuries, this rare species of redwood is making a big comeback in the gardening world. Beloved for their attractive lacy foliage and ability to grow quickly in most settings, the Dawn Redwood is a magnificent piece of history and this complete growing kit makes a lovely commemorative or special occasion gift.

Sympathy Grows Memory Garden

To grow a plant from seed is a delicate and meaningful task that offers hope, aids in the grieving process and provides a satisfying way to pass the time after the loss of a loved one.

This gift includes biodegradable non-invasive wildflower seed paper in the shape of a leaf, basil seed paper in the shape of a dove, and parsley seed paper in the shape of a heart. Plant the different papers in the ceramic planter with soil provided and watch as new life grows.

Each piece of seed paper is handmade one sheet at a time by skilled artisans. Gift also includes a thyme-growing set by Esschert Designs - everything they need for their own personal memory garden. Its small size is ideal for a window sill or kitchen counter, and the gift comes with a growing guide for easy use.

Seeds of Life Oak Tree Kit

Planting a tree from seed is a beautiful way to honor someone special in your life. The planting of a tree is a touching gesture. “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”

Gift Includes: 
Eco-Friendly Pot & Saucer, preconditioned oak tree seed, soil, moss and instructions.

Southern Magnolia Tree

Honor a loved one's memory with a magnificent magnolia tree planted in their honor.

Beautiful to behold and easy to care for, a magnolia tree is an elegant remembrance that will last for generations. Each 18" to 24" seedling comes covered in 100% natural jute with a set of care instructions, small watering tool, and gift card. A magnolia species suited for the recipient's zip code will be hand-selected and shipped.

Grown with great care by one of the country's most prominent magnolia nurseries.

Glass Globe Terrarium Kit

A large 8" glass terrarium comes complete with everything the nature lover needs to make an impressive self-sustaining indoor ecosystem. The garden that "thrives on neglect," once assembled, is designed to live and thrive with only minimal watering or attention. Easy to customize, recipients can also easily add their own accents and succulents to the soil.

Featuring easy-to-grow hens & chicks succulent seeds, the recipient will enjoy a hardy succulent whose scientific name literally means "live forever."

The kit also includes orchid mix, potting soil, charcoal, moss, gravel, and stones in a globe terrarium made of 100% recycled glass. Instructions are included, and each plant is selected seasonally by hand.

It's altogether a unique and impressive gift, the perfect way to cheer someone through a hard time.

Sure to be Cherished

A very unique sympathy gift...

Memory Box

Includes everything needed to preserve their most precious memories, keepsakes and mementos.   Show all details


  • Safely preserve keepsakes, memories, and souvenirs in special compartments.
  • Arrives accented with a complimentary monogrammed plaque.
  • Includes a free card with your personal message or greeting.

Three Wishes For You

Designed by American artist Tamara Hensick, three keepsake pewter wishbones represent three wishes inscribed on the card they are kept with. The message reads: "Wishes, like dreams, can come true, and these are my three best wishes for you. Never lose your sense of wonder. Dare to dream big. Live for the moment."

Included in this Gift:

  • Three Sculpted Pewter Wishbones, 2" Long Each.
  • Velvet Drawstring Pouch.
  • Inspirational Message Written on Elegant Cardstock.

Tree of Enchantment Hand-Blown Glass Orb

Beautiful to behold, this large hand-blown glass orb is a special way to honor the remembrance of a loved one in the home.

The globe features an interior glass tree sculpture, accented by colorful "leaves" on its exterior. Like trees in a forest, no two globes are the same.

Each piece is individually hand-crafted by Kitras artists in Canada, designed to be a symbol of growth and strength unique to its owner. A lovely gift to tribute the life and lasting memory of a loved one.

Name a Star Gift Set

Give a gift that will last forever with this interesting kit that includes everything needed to name a star in the lost one's name. Once the recipient sends the enclosed registration, they will receive a "star deed" and instructions for how to locate their special star in the night sky.

Gift Includes: Registration materials for a catalogued star, constellations poster, assorted astronomy booklets. The kit comes in a tin gift case with bow and personalized ribbon!

Engraved Memorial Chimes with Memento Compartment

Honor the dearly departed with this majestic, 36.5" wind chime that features a special memento compartment and your engraved message on the chime's windcatcher.

The recipient can place a small memento such as ashes or a lock of hair in the compartment located under the wooden chime top. The compartment has a weatherproof seal, keeping your treasure safe and secure. Made of teak-finish ash wood and anodized aluminum, the large chimes produce a beautiful quality of sound that will provide a wonderful remembrance each time they ring. Measures 36.5" L.

Free Engraving!

Lovely Cremation Jewelry

Was the deceased cremated? If so, then your be bereaved friend likely has an urn in which the cremains rest. A unique gift would be a piece of comforting cremation jewelry, which has a small chamber in which to place a tiny portion of the ash. In this way, they can keep their loved one "close to their heart" always.

There are some lovely pieces of cremation jewelry here: Cremation Jewelry.

What could be more comforting...

Than a soft  blanket or comforting pillow that has been personalized with the image of their lost loved one? Read about choices for the special items here: Angel Blankets & Grief Pillows.

Oil Painting Portraits, Photo Collages
&  Picture Restoration

We have teamed up with Phojoe to bring you the finest in photo services.

Choose to bring a treasured but tired old photo back to life (photo restoration), create an imaginative collage of the lost loved one, or have your photo transformed into a beautiful hand-painted oil portrait (example at the top of the page).

Simply click on this link and choose Portrait Painting, Photo Collage, or Photo Restoration:

We have teamed up with Phojoe to bring you the finest in photo services.

Choose to bring a treasured but tired old photo back to life (photo restoration), create an imaginative collage of the lost loved one, or have your photo transformed into a beautiful hand-painted oil portrait (example at the top of the page).

Simply click on this link and choose Portrait Painting, Photo Collage, or Photo Restoration at the top:

A Wonderful Life Memorial 12 x 18 Photo Collage Canvas Print-3 Photos

Celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed by creating a lasting tribute on canvas with our A Wonderful Life Memorial Photo Collage Canvas Print.

Your selection of any 3 or 5 photos will be artfully displayed below your choice of 2 loving verses or choose to write your own. We then offer you any 2 lines of personalization commemorating their life on earth. Choose from our 2 colorations- steel blue or taupe. 

Sympathy Gift Books

These are three of our favorite bereavement books which provide comfort and make thoughtful sympathy gifts.  All are highly recommended:

Tear Soup is a universal story of the journey through grief.  This book affirms the bereaved, educates others, and is especially useful for an adult to share with a child as a communication tool for the grief process.  We love this book and recommend it for the entire family.

Amazon affiliate link:

The Mourning Handbook is one of our favorite books addressing the grief process.  It is ideal for people in the beginning stages of grief.

Amazon affiliate link:

The Angel Catcher is a guided grief journal designed to help capture the essence of a loved one who is no longer here and forever preserve memories of time shared together.

Amazon affiliate link:

Back To Life is our own personal guidebook to grief recovery. This would make a very useful and thoughtful gift for your bereaved friend or family member. Click on the book for more information.


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