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About Me

AdrianaI’m Adriana and recently “met” Jennie online and learned about her health struggles, so I decided to keep her message going. I hope you find peace and comfort as you “flip” through the pages of this site. And, if you have suggestions that will make this an even better resource for grieving souls, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Update From Jennie:

To all my loyal supporters and website visitors:

Thanks to all of you for our 13-year journey together through the grief process!

I need to let you know that I am retiring from the Recover From Grief website due to some serious health issues. I have transferred the reins of this enduring and incredible website to my good friend, Adriana. I will continue to consult with her as needed to make the transition as seamless as possible. You can trust that Adriana will guide the site with integrity, sensitivity, and respect.

Thanks again for a remarkable experience!

Jennie caduceus

Jennie is the webmaster and editor of She is a licensed and registered critical care nurse (R.N.) with over 20 years of critical care experience and working with families in crisis and bereavement, mainly through in-hospital ethics committees and patient advocacy.

She entered advanced studies on thanatology (the study of bereavement) and became a Certified Grief Counselor in 2007. Jennie is a prolific writer and has authored many articles published on the Internet, covering a wide range of self-help topics.