Finding spiritual comfort in your time of crisis

Spiritual doubts from one of our readers:

"The thing I really struggle with is how everyone says she is in a better place.. I was brought up to believe in heaven and I do believe in heaven, but how do we REALLY REALLY KNOW.. if I knew for certain she was happier, then I could rest a little better. I am ashamed that I feel this way because I do believe in God, but I just wish I KNEW for certain. It's called lack of faith I guess..."


Grief and belief...

Questioning your God or religious beliefs after a tragedy is a normal reaction, with no easy answers. Let your doubts surface. You will work through your spiritual crisis as your grief progresses and resolves.

On the other hand, bereavement may actually strengthen your beliefs. Embrace your spirituality and religious rituals. Prayer and faith may give you support and help you through the roughest spots when nothing else works.

"Letting go and letting God" is a sign of strength and wisdom, not weakness.

Meditation, prayer, yoga or Tai Chi can create a soothing restful oasis during your heavy days.

Did you find comfort at church before this happened? Then continue attending church services, and stay in touch with your church "family".

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Grief and belief...

Take a moment to explore the Spiritual Cinema Circle website. This is a very different type of movie service, which offers selected films that speak to your heart. They provide quality movies you will not likely find anywhere else. A very well-conceived and worthwhile project. "Movies that matter".

Spiritual Cinema Circle website

Comfort In Cinema

Grief and belief...

We also suggest below a handful of movies that may prove to be helpful to you during your grief journey. They may be beneficial, as they demonstrate how other people cope with loss and grief.

***Please do not watch them when you are newly bereaved and emotionally fragile. Read the reviews carefully and give them a viewing only when you are a little stronger and able to handle some heavy-duty introspection.

  • P.S. I Love You- Is a touching and entertaining look at the importance of friendship and family while adjusting to a tragic loss. A romantic comedy with depth and an important message.

    Amazon affiliate link to reviews:

  • Truly Madly Deeply- An intelligent, moving and deeply funny story about loss, grief and recovery. This is not a shallow "chick flick" but rather an excellent study of love and loss, handled in a tender and respectful manner. Highly recommended.

    Amazon affiliate link to reviews:

  • Tuesdays With Morrie- A touching, inspirational true story that demonstrates that a person for whom fate was not kind can commit to finding happiness and fulfillment in their last days. A wonderful movie.

    Amazon affiliate link to reviews:

  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven- No matter how seemingly insignificant a person may appear, a life is never wasted. The main character visits with five people in heaven as he searches for the meaning of his own life. A unique and engaging movie.

    Amazon affiliate link to reviews:
  • The Ultimate Gift- The focus of this movie is more on the meaning of life than a study of grief. However, we included it because it is a fun and inspirational gem of a movie. Surprising twists with a predictable ending, this beautifully filmed and acted story is a must-see for the whole family (Christian focus).

    Amazon affiliate link to reviews:

You may also find much-needed spiritual comfort in some of these excellent books: GRIEF AND LOSS BOOKS.

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