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When we lose a loved one, regardless of how we lost them, grief can be overwhelming and we might feel isolated. While face to face counseling is very helpful, it can get too intense for some of us. Grief books can help some, but we sometimes crave human understanding, and that’s when it’s time to look for some online grief support groups.

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The right online grief support group could be just what you need. Not too intense, but there when you need it.  You’ll be in the company of others who’ve experienced loss, who can give you supportive feedback and encouragement. You’ll be reminded that you are not alone.

We present below a select listing of websites that we feel are honest and sincere in their aim of helping grieving individuals. We cannot vouch for all of the content, advertisements, or products offered by them. We just thought they would be a helpful resource to you and wanted to share them with you.

Online Grief Support Groups & Forums

Bereavement links…

  • The temple of solace – Provides a safe haven, a temporary retreat for anyone suffering a loss. Comforting poems, photos, essays, stories of life, and hope. A very worthwhile and soothing stop in your internet travels.
  • Share your grief at The grief club forum – Don’t forget, this website provides a spot for posting your own story of grief and loss. Comforting and therapeutic; Express your words of sorrow and receive compassion and advice in return.
  • Pregnancy & infant loss support for parents who have suffered a loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. There are some local support groups, information packets, downloads, and message boards.
  • Suicide support – Working to prevent suicidal behavior and help those grieving a suicide loss. Lots of useful information. Online discussion “circle” and memorials page.
  • –  A community of grieving people supporting other grieving people

Memorial Websites – Post a Tribute

Other Informational Grief Resources

  • National hospice and palliative care organization – Expanding awareness of and access to local hospice care. “Caring Connections” has lots of informational articles on grief.
  • Hospice Association of America – Information on hospice services including consumer guides and hospice facts.
  • American Hospice Foundation – “Grief Zone” provides information on different aspects of grieving. Lots of interesting articles on coping with grief.
  • AARP grief loss – Excellent grief and loss section with various grief coping articles. It also provides help with practical matters such as legal and financial decisions to be made after death.

I hope my list of grief support groups will help you find a place to connect with others who can support you and share in your pain. 

List of grief support groups and other resources

Local grief support programs

After the funeral is done, the cards and flowers have stopped coming, most of your family and friends have drifted away, back to their lives, you may then feel so very much alone.

The shock has worn off, and you are back at work, trying to cope with daily living. You know that people really do care, but they seem so uncomfortable and don’t know how to help or what to say to you. So they stay away. You may even feel like a pariah or outcast.

At the time when you really need people the most, you may find yourself dealing with your grief pretty much all alone.

This is where local grief support programs can provide much-needed social support for you. These groups reduce isolation, relieve distress, provide an emotional outlet, and also practical coping strategies and ideas.

It’s just such a relief to talk to folks who are going through what you are. They “get it”. They understand. They know to let you ventilate your grief.

Offline Grief Support Programs

Where to find grief support groups? Many churches provide locations for meetings.

Or try these support websites to locate a group in your town:

Groups for grieving a lost child – Find a local chapter of this organization that provides personal support for those who have lost a child. Seasoned grievers reach out to the newly bereaved, and both are helped to heal. Well established and popular. – Local support groups are moderated by volunteer bereaved parents in monthly meetings. The website also has informative articles and poems. – Childhood cancer support groups. Local programs provide financial assistance and activities to families in need. The website has “Listserve”, an online email support group.

Groups for grieving children – Local peer support groups for grieving children and their families. Groups are led by trained adults. Online newsletter and referrals. “Guiding kids through life’s storms”. – Peer support groups for grieving children, at local child grief centers or providers. For children and adults wanting to help a grieving child. The website has an extensive list of books about children and grieving.

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