Baby memorial gifts

There is perhaps nothing more heartbreaking than the death of an infant or child. Although the loss of any loved one is grievous and sad, losing a child can be particularly devastating to a family.

It violates the natural order of things, the natural progression of the generations. It just seems so unfair and hard to justify!

Added to this is a stigma that society places on bereaved parents. If an infant is lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or other perinatal causes, outsiders seem to discount the significance of the loss. Now you and I know how unreasonable this is, but it happens all too often. I guess the thinking is that if you didn't know the child for very long, then the grief should not be as great. Parents are urged to get over the loss as soon as possible, and "get on with their lives". After all, you can have more children...

And if an older child dies, friends and acquaintances are only too aware of how great your loss really is. In fact, they often try to minimize it because it hits home so hard... it could have happened to them! So once again, you find outsiders wanting to get past the tragedy as soon as possible, and urging the parents to do so, too.

Don't be guilty of failing to properly acknowledge the enormity of the loss when your friend loses a child, for whatever reason. Be there for them, and understand that they need a full and lengthy bereavement in order to heal from their personal tragedy.

No, a sympathy gift is not necessary. The gifts we suggest below are certainly not mandatory, and we don't want to "guilt trip" you into thinking they are. What the bereaved parents need most right now is the contact and warmth of friends and family. Show them that you care and support them, no matter how uncomfortable and overwhelming the situation. A gift is not necessary. Your presence is.

That being said, we present below a few sympathy items that would be appropriate for bereaved parents, if you feel it might help:

Baby Memorial Sympathy Baskets

Hope For a Hurting Heart Basket

Hope Basket includes:

  • Book: Hope for A Healing Heart By Cheryl Karpen. This is the story of a hurting heart, the hope learned and the hope shared. Take this story and its wisdom into your life and rediscover the
    vivacious, spirited human only you can be. [References to God and faith].
  • True Rose Bath and Body Get by Woods of Windsor; Body Lotion & Bath Salts; Pink Powder Shower Flower Sponge
  • Hugs and Love Mug. "Hugs and love ... for you have a special place in my heart." Tag reads "You are a special gift from God.  This cup comes with hugs and love from me to you."
  • To Keep In Your Pocket.  Cast in pewter, this set of five
    beautiful pocket charms: A Heart, to remind you that you are
    loved, A Peace Sign, for hope, An Acorn, for your continued
    strength, An Angel, to watch over you, The World, because you make it a better place.

Miscarriage Healing & Hope Basket

Miscarriage gift basket includes:

  • Book: About What Was Lost.  20 Writers on Miscarriage, Healing, And Hope. Honest, eloquent, and deeply moving narrative to provide much-needed solace and support on the subject of pregnancy loss.
  • The Healing Hearts Comfort Kit includes:  Healing Heart Mist.
    Seeds of Hope pack, Light of My Heart Aromatherapy Candle.

Baby Memorial Sympathy Books & Gifts

I am always with you Token

"As you hold me close in memory, even though we are apart, my spirit will live on, there within your heart...I am with you always. When you lean on trusted friends and their caring hugs enfold you, within their loving arms I'll be there to hold you...I am with you always. And beyond the far horizon when we'll finally be together, where love will be eternal and life will last forever...I am with you always".

May this keepsake token remind you of your loved one, who is with you in spirit...always.

Token is brass with shiny non-tarnish silver plating and comes gift boxed with a card.

Forever Bracelet

Forever Beaded Bracelet- Sterling Silver

We love this simple design....four long sterling silver links with crystal bead highlights that catch the light. The simple sterling silver word charm lies flat and smoothly on your wrist connecting you 'Forever'....

We are happy to put any quote that you would like to go with this beautiful bracelet.

The standard quote of comfort we put with this bracelet is: "A part of you grew in me. And so you see, we will always be together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart."

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