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"Grief shared is grief diminished"

       ~ Rabbi Grollman

"Grief shared is grief diminished"

       ~ Rabbi Grollman


***Read memorials posted by other visitors below the submission form.

This is a special area of our website. Here you can create a memorial website "page" to honor your lost loved one. It's easy and it's free. Letting the world know about your special loved one can be healing and comforting.

Pick a favorite picture to upload. Choose a headline for your memorial, or title it with the deceased's name and years of life. Then tell us about him or her, her life (and how he died, if you want to). The purpose of this page is to memorialize and celebrate a life which has been lost.

If you want to express your own personal grief and sorrow, post in the Grief Club Forum instead. This page is meant to be THEIRSPACE. You can post in both sections if you would like.

Our hope is that you will find comfort in the memorials posted by others (below the submission form), as well as in the creative process of posting your own memorial page. Visitors to your special page can leave thoughts or words of comfort for you to read later.

Ready to create a memorial page to your lost dear one?  We've made it very simple to do. Just click in and start typing.



  1. When you post ANYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE, it becomes available via websearch (Googling) to the whole world!!! All they have to do is google a name and they will find your post. Do not use real names if you don't want to share your story with the world.
  2. Compose your post totally offline beforehand. Use a simple word processor like Notepad. Then copy and paste the whole thing into the Yourspace submission box. This prevents you losing all your hard work.
  3. All original posts (not comments) must consist of at least 2-3 paragraphs, or they will be immediately rejected. Search engines penalize websites for short pages.
  4. If you want to continue your story after submission, please add to the original post thru the comments box instead of making multiple submissions. This will move your post back up in the list.
  5.  We will immediately reject any submissions that are mean spirited, vulgar, use foul language or specify any nurse, doctor, hospital, hospice, or people accused of crimes, by name.
  6. Texting language is great! For cellphones. Please use full words and keep text language to a minimum.
  7. Your post does NOT automatically appear after you submit it, like some forums. There is a time lag of from 2-24 hours until you will see it online. Please don't submit it multiple times!

    *If you still don't see your story, try refreshing the cache on your computer. Here's how: Hold down the CTRL button while you hit the F5 button at the top. This updates the page for you.
  8. We hope you understand and help us out by following these simple rules. 

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Other Memorials Posted by Visitors

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Janet Marie (Norris) Colvin 74 
The loss of your mother is like no other. This woman gave you life, nurtured you til adulthood, and was always just a phone call away when you needed a …

Jason Mattson. 3.25.1972 to 7.12.2019 
I love you so much. You were the best son a parent could ever hope for. My heart is lifted knowing you are in your happy place surrounded by those you …

Emily Elizabeth Sarno, 14 
Emily was a beloved dog. She was much more to the Sarno family than just a dog, she was like a sister or a daughter to them. Her family was with her during …

Juan Balderas- January 2,1972 to July 15, 2017 
Juan was my husband & best friend for 20 years. We shared a life & relationship, we were a team , partners. He was taken from me suddenly & unexpectedly. …

Bruce Reyes 
Bruce you changed my life when no one couldn't. You saved my marriage where I have failed. You've been by my side for twelve years and not once have you …

my son Timothy James O'Donnell 5/29/98-3/12/18 
My son Timothy was 19 years old, When he decided to commit suicide. He was a kind hearted young man, he was my first born son. He was born may 29th of …

My dog Kendraa.She was 14 years old. 
To my beloved best friend Kendraa. My best friend of 14 years, my Shadow. Now my Angel. I can't put into into words the deep loss and sadness I feel. …

My two sons, Mark 25.4.76-11.4.2016 Matthew 6.10.77-1.4.2009 
At times my heart will sing and at times my heart becomes heavy with the tears that erupt within. I search to find answers to questions that I have …

Edward A Dillman, Jr 
Dear Eddie...It's been over 6 yrs now....I swear, The more time that goes by...the more I miss you!!I totally love living in your house...but, lately...I …

My Sweet Angel Baby Charles 
I am creating this page in honor of my son Charles F. Sawyer IV. My husband and I found out we were pregnant in March of 2011, while stationed out in …

I choose to #doitforbrian 
The quality of one’s life is not determined by length but by depth. What that person brought to this world while they were here. I proudly say that my …

Adolph Passerini: Born August 8, 1924, Died January 14, 2010 
Adolph Passerini was born August 6, 1924 and passed away on January 14, 2010 at Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown New Jersey surrounded by his …

Benjamin Lee Shane Champion of Life 
Ben was born in 1993,he died in 2014, at 21. Today is his third year in heaven and I am his mom. I miss him, I miss him. Ben was a miracle, at birth …

Tristan Gail Gray 27 
4 months ago I opened a hotel door and walked into a whole unwanted and unexpected nightmare of a life of shattered dreams and goals; I walked in that …

My beautiful wife 
MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE Happy birthday Lisa! It has been 4 years, 2 months, and 27 days since your passing....... seems like yesterday, seems like a lifetime. …

Motherless Daughter 
I don't like to say I am motherless because my mother was a loyal devoted caring mother for the entire 33 years of my existence. I am a mother now and …

20 seconds in Heaven 
20 seconds in Heaven “Our Father who art in heaven “. . My Mom has started praying The Lords Prayer since she was brought to the hospital from the …

To My Beloved Husband and Friend of 54 years 
Dearest One, Today I saw a man who looked just like you; he had on those gray pants you liked and a greenish jacket, plus the sneakers you always wore. …

To My Wife Deboarh From July 19 1997 to 1-19-2014 
I lost my wife that I loved so much.I know I did not show it as much as I should have.We talk a lot about getting old with each other.She was only 59 I …

Backpack Victims 
During the 90's, there was seven backpackers who just wanted to travel around Australia, check out the famous sites and maybe make a friend or two! …

Dianna 37, Johnson 38, Dallas 18, Johnny 16 
these four people were the most important people to me in the world. Dianna and Johnson were my parents, my mom died in a car accedent and my dad died …

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