How To Create A Memorial Website

“Grief shared is grief diminished”

~ Rabbi Grollman

Grief shared is grief diminished

Losing a loved one is so hard! You don’t know how to live life, you wonder what (or if) you could have done differently, you wish everyone realized how big your loss is…. and more. But life goes on for the rest of the world, and you need to learn to live without your precious love done.

You want to tell the world how much the meant to you, how much they accomplished in their short life, how much more they had to offer…

One way to share what’s in your heart with the world is to create a memorial website for your loved one.

How To Create A Memorial Website

If you don’t know anything about creating websites, there’s no need to worry. This is not the time to start from scratch unless you think immersing yourself in building a website will help you through the grieving process, or take your mind off your sorrow.

There are places online that walk you step by step on how to upload a few pictures and your words about your loved one.

Forever Missed will help you celebrate the life of your dear ones who has passed away. Create an Online Memorial, share photos, stories and memories from family & friends.

Pick a few favorite pictures to upload. Choose a headline for your memorial, or title it with the deceased’s name and years of life. Then tell the world (or just your family) about him or her, her life (and how he died, if you want to). The purpose of this page is to memorialize and celebrate a life that has been lost.

If you want to express your own personal grief and sorrow, post in the Grief Club Forum instead. This page is meant to be their space. You can post in both sections if you would like.

Our hope is that you will find comfort in the creative process of posting your own memorial page. Visitors to your special page can leave thoughts or words of comfort for you to read later.

Ready to create a memorial page to your lost dear one?

I hope that knowing how to create a memorial website to celebrate the life of those you lost makes it just a bit easier to heal.

How to create a memorial website

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