Learn Meditation Technique Free & Easy

Learn meditation technique…

Use meditation… not only for stress relief and physical well-being…  but to help change your life from a spiritless existence to one of grace. The benefits of meditation are boundless.

Where to Meditate

Learn how to meditate…

You need to find a special place in your environment to set aside for  your daily meditation sessions. It could be a quiet spot in your yard or patio, a corner of your bedroom, or even a nearby church or chapel.

It needs to be a silent, comfortable place… a sanctuary where you  will be undisturbed for 20 minutes (NO interruptions… no cell phones,  TVs, or screaming children).

What you are about to do is a special thing— so make your space special, too. Get some scented candles, flowers, a piece of sculpture,  something that reflects your spiritual side. (You’ve got one in there).

What Else Do You Need?

  • A kitchen timer or watch alarm
  • A pad and pen
  • An open mind    

Your Meditation Guide-
Let’s Get Started!

  • First, choose a word, which will be your mantra forever. Once you meditate using this mantra once, it will stick… and never be forgotten. It can be anything: “peace”, “I am”, “Om”, or just make up a simple word that has no meaning. I will share with you the mantra given me when I spent hundreds of dollars learning from an expert: Iemah (Eye-em-ah). Choice of mantra doesn’t matter.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair, or on a pad on the floor, or prop yourself upright in bed. 
  • Set your timer to alarm in 22 minutes. (This keeps you from worrying about the time).
  • Close your eyes, and let your mind roam. Take a few slow, deep belly breaths. Consciously relax all your muscles. From head to toe. Take two minutes to do this.
  • Now, settle in for your 20 minute session. Let your mind still. As thoughts appear (and they often will) let them go by gently returning to your mantra. Repeat your word over and over silently to yourself.  You have just taught yourself how to meditate!
  • Sometimes worries or concerns will pop up during your session. Know that you can deal with your problems later. But for now, you will give yourself the gift of 20 minutes without worry… and let it go.
  • It may help for you to picture yourself enclosed in a calm and peaceful bubble that keeps out anxiety and tension. Stay focused on your repeated mantra, disregarding the usual “chatter” of your mind.
  • That’s it! When your alarm sounds, gently come back to the room and open your eyes. Feel different, don’t you?


Learn meditation…

Some of your sessions will be calm, quiet and “spacey”. But other times, your meditation will seem to “unlock” your mind— and a  torrent of creative ideas will come tumbling out.

This is where the pad and pen come in. Some of these new thoughts  will seem so profound to you, you don’t want to lose them. So you  can ruin your whole meditation just trying to hold on to them.

Instead, when this happens, take a quick moment, open your eyes, and jot the idea down.  Then settle back, close your eyes, let it go, and resume your  meditation mantra without worry. You can deal with that “brainstorm”  when your meditation session is over.

Make a Commitment

Learn meditation…

Make a promise to yourself now—you will meditate every morning  and every evening… for one month. If you do this, you’ll become a believer. Meditation  calms your mind, and it stays with you. You will enter a zone of  clarity and openness. And anything is possible! At the very least, you will enjoy some reduction in stress and a calming peace will enter your life.

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