The Management Of Grief

“When my husband died, I was lost. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or get through a shift at work without crying… I couldn’t even bear to go in his closet.”

“When our daughter was killed in a car accident, we didn’t know where to turn for help.”

“After learning more about coping with grief, I was able to live again and treasure the memories instead of hiding from them.” ***

Our revolutionary approach to the management of grief will work for you whether your loss was due to:

  • The death of someone very close to your heart
  • A devastating divorce, separation or breakup
  • The loss of a beloved pet
  • Any serious loss which causes you grief and pain


             What is Grief Relief?

It is a thoughtfully organized grief management program. 7 downloaded audio files unfold a step by step journey through enjoyable and highly effective guided techniques based on sound clinical practices. The user-friendly recordings are easy to download and access. Also included is a written pdf Guide & Instructions, as well as 3 bonuses well worth the cost of the entire program.

You can access your materials on your computer, CD, or mp3 player whenever you feel the need. (Not for use while driving or operating machinery).

This program is 100% guaranteed for 60 days or your money back… no questions asked.                 


The Management of Grief-   Grief Relief Teaches You How To:

  • Put an end to “Grief Paralysis”
  • Defuse consuming anger or guilt you may feel about your loss
  • Decrease isolation and find the support you need and deserve
  • Practice proven techniques that reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cope and make it through each day intact
  • Find hope that your dark despair will one day ease up
  • Reach for joy and happiness despite your loss
  • Do you wish there was something that could help make this terrible ordeal more bearable?


Well, there is, my friend… and it is called Grief Relief.


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First of all, let me state: if you came to this web page looking for an instant “cure” for your grief, you have come to the wrong place! Accelerating the grief process is not possible, and trying to do so is unhealthy. There are several programs and e-books available on the Internet which promise to do just that. Any offering which promises to end your painful grief quickly should be avoided. Those are just unethical folks looking to make a buck by taking advantage of your pain and fragile emotional state.

You may be very early in your tragedy, and be so devastated that you find it hard to believe you could ever recover. The truth is, it will take a long time, there’s no way around that. Your grief may be so unbearable that you started searching the internet for a “quick fix” to end the pain. I am sorry to tell you, there is no quick fix to bereavement. But there are better, more comfortable, healthier ways to get through it.

What I offer with this program is not a “cure” for grief, but tools to help you with your “grief work”. Using the power of the mind through certain clinically proven, specialized techniques, you can learn to deal with grief in a healthy manner. As a clinician, I am a firm believer in the healing power of the mind through the use of proven and accepted tools like mindful meditation, guided imagery and yoga breathing. I myself have used these very techniques with great success throughout my adult life, during times of stressful life events or excessive worry and anxiety.



The Grief Relief program consists of five steps or lessons that are taught through meditative guided imagery techniques, which help the healing messages ease into your subconscious mind. Once the five steps are completed, there are also two bonus daily meditations which provide 20 minute respites from the agonizing grip of grief. These lessons and meditation “holidays” are very healthy, and are based on solid clinical practices which are used every day by literally millions of people around the world. They give you a way to take charge and help yourself deal more effectively with your grief, on a day-to-day basis.

Although it is harmful to deny or avoid grief, it can be very helpful in healing to take “mini-vacations” from it; and that is exactly what this program is all about… Tools for confronting and working through grief; and then short relaxation techniques to bring much-needed Grief Relief.




The easy to use meditations will gently guide you into a deeply relaxed state, where all cares, worries and anxieties disappear. This temporary calm and serenity clears the way for healing to begin. You are about to access the most powerful tools available today for healing emotional wounds and enhancing self esteem. Guided imagery, meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations used in combination address both conscious and subconscious mind processes, creating positive change that will surprise you. The process is effortless; you cannot get it wrong. All you have to do is listen!


I would never offer anything for sale on this website that I didn’t believe in. I know for a fact that completing this 5-step program, followed by daily use of the morning and evening meditations, will have a profound impact on your life… and help to lighten your burden of sorrow.

I am proud of our very successful written grief guide,  “Back to Life”, and feel it plays a different but very important educational role in your bereavement. If you bought the book, you will have gained valuable insights on the grief process, engaged in therapeutic exercises, and most importantly, discovered what is normal in grief and what is not. The Grief Relief audio files actually utilize some of the ideas and messages from that book… but offer them in a whole new way. This program is more of a hands-on, sensory and proactive approach to handling your griefwork. The program and audios are by far the most useful and valuable thing I have to offer you to date to help you with your pain and grief.

I am a believer… and you will be too… buy the Grief Relief Audio Program and get started today!

All my best to you in your own journey through grief,


P.S. All materials are for download only. You will not receive hard copies or discs in the mail. Everything is immediately accessible at the push of a button after purchase. It’s a simple process to access the materials.


Keep in mind as you work through the program that things will eventually get better for you, and though you will never return to the innocent, untouched state you were in before this tragedy happened to you, you can find your way to peace, acceptance, and a renewed appreciation for your own life. Practice the techniques often, be patient with yourself, and the healing will come.




                    100% no-risk money-back guarantee

     I just know that you will enjoy profound benefit from this
     program. I believe in it and feel so strongly that you will too
     that I offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. All I
     request is that you complete the program and use the
     bonus files. If after 3 weeks (4 weeks for maximum benefit)
     you don’t feel better, simply contact us for a full refund.

     You have a full 60 days in which to try the system out. But
     I  promise you, if you listen to each of the step files,
     then practice the daily meditations for one month, you will
     see a welcome improvement in your mood, outlook, and
     coping abilities. But if for any reason, you don’t feel that
     Grief Relief is the best tool you have found yet for dealing
     with your grief, then I will be glad to refund your fee in full!



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  • “(Our) findings suggest that meditation may change brain and immune function in positive ways”. ~Richard J. Davidson, PhD, Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin
  • “A mindfulness meditation training program can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic and can help maintain these reductions”. ~ Department of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • “During meditation, oxygen consumption and heart rate decreased, skin resistance increased, and the electroencephalogram showed specific changes in certain frequencies”. ~ Robert Keith Wallace, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, Center for the Health Sciences
  • “The techniques of mindfulness meditation may represent a powerful cognitive behavioral coping strategy for transforming the ways in which we respond to life events.” ~John A. Astin, Department of Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine




In our Grief Relief program, you will learn:

  • How to confront and acknowledge your grief so you pave the way for true healing to begin.
  • 5 ways to forget about the nightmare— one of these will put a long overdue smile on your face
  • What it is you are truly angry about and how to defuse it.
  • An effective technique for admitting guilt and regret, and how to release it.
  • Stress reduction tools for a lifetime of serenity.
  • The secret key that leads to understanding so you can get your life back.
  • Techniques to soothe yourself when you’re anxious, upset, sad or mad.
  • A 5-minute exercise to stop panic/high anxiety in its tracks.
  • Safe and effective over-the-counter herbal remedies that can help.
  • A “1-2 punch” remedy that will help you drift into restful sleep.
  • A power plan to help you get started on re-socialization.
  • How to quit playing the cruel “woulda”, “coulda”, “shoulda” mind game.
  • How to make grief a valuable part of your life, without being overwhelmed by it.

If you are “stuck” in a complicated grief… Don’t know how to resolve it… And you are ready to reclaim your life…

            ~Then Grief Relief is for you.

The five step files only have to be listened to once to be effective. However, they can be used at any time in the future when you find yourself falling into old habits or defeating thoughts. The Grief Relief toolkit is there whenever you need extra help in dealing with your grief. You can access and utilize the files any time, day or night, in the privacy of your home, or anywhere you can take an mp3 or CD player. (But you cannot use the program while you are driving or operating machinery).

There is nothing else quite like Grief Relief available on the Internet. Although the processes have been used successfully for years by mental health professionals and “spiritual trainers”, they have never been offered in this innovative format on the Internet. We provide all the best techniques in a convenient, affordable, and easy to follow program.

Learning these simple yet effective techniques would cost you hundreds of dollars and many visits to a psychologists office. Or you could pay up to $1000 to non-clinical practitioners trained in the procedures. I teach you everything you need to know in order to perform these self-help techniques on your own. I have used them for many years myself, and can honestly say that they have saved my “emotional life” many times.  The Grief Relief techniques work… I guarantee it!

Order now for the reasonable price of $27

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“Grief Relief: 5 Steps to Hope & Healing”
Audio mp3 files for download and instructional e-book in pdf format
It takes just a few minutes to download everything directly into your computer.


You will need the free  Adobe Reader  to view the instruction book, which you probably already have if you have viewed pdf files before.

The audio files can be used on any windows-based computer, they will open automatically with your Windows Media Player, standard with Windows.

[Note: You will not receive hard copies or discs in the mail]


Here’s the program:

Step 1:
  Your Pain: Feel the grief. Acknowledge your loss. 
The first step towards healing is admitting the depth of your terrible pain.

Step 2:  Anger: Identify your anger points and learn how to defuse this destructive emotion. You might not even realize you are mad about your loss. This step puts you in touch with those feelings.

Step 3:  Guilt & Forgiveness: Release feelings of guilt and remorse and learn to forgive yourself and others. Step 3 teaches you a special technique for forgiving both yourself and others.

Step 4:  Alone & lonely: Don’t grieve alone; find strength and support from others. Steady and sure steps towards the healing love of others.

Step 5:  Reaching for help & hope (from within & outside yourself). Great things to look forward to. Moving from dark despair towards peace and resolution.

***After you download the files, you can add them into your MP3 player, or burn them to a CD, or just access them on your hard drive, by listening through headphones plugged into your computer or laptop. These versatile audio files can be accessed wherever you please.



  • “Some studies have shown that guided imagery can decrease anxiety, analgesic requirements, and length of stay for surgical patients. Before surgery, anxiety increased in the control group but decreased in the guided imagery group” ~ James M. Church, M. D. & Diane L. Tusek, RN, BSN
  • “Guided imagery is an effective intervention for enhancing comfort.” ~K Kolcaba & C Fox, College of Nursing, University of Akron, OH
  • “GIM (guided imagery with music) participants reported significant decreases between pre- and postsession depression, fatigue, and total mood disturbance”. ~ CH McKinney, et al, Department of Music Education/Music Therapy, University of Miami, Florida




BONUS #1- Daily Guided Meditations

Beautiful guided meditations for daily use:
Daily Meditations; Respites from the grip of grief:

    I. Morning Meditation: “One day at a time”. Healing guided meditation to help you wake up and greet the new day with renewed energy and hope.

    II. Evening meditation: for Restful sleep; a soothing journey which taps into your own inner strength and prepares you for a night of restorative sleep.

BONUS #2– Affirmations

Use the power of positive thinking to promote healing and reclaim your life. So what exactly are affirmations? They are positive statements which can help defeat negative feelings you may harbor. Affirmations promote the practice of positive thinking— “a positive mental attitude can achieve success in anything.”

In this bonus, we present a special collection of affirmations to help you with feelings of anger, helplessness, guilt, fear and grief. Some people even report that affirmations are more effective for them than guided meditations. Whether this is true for you or not, you’re sure to treasure these affirmations and incorporate them into your grief coping arsenal.

BONUS #3– Compact Guide to Coping with Grief

[A written guide included within the pdf file Program Guidebook]. This wonderful bonus material is presented in a concise, easy to understand format which you can print out and refer to daily to help keep you on track. The bonus is called “Other Grief Coping Skills” and includes:

  • Take care of your body (you’ll need it later); a simple guide to survival
  • Exercise- tips for painless routines; just a few minutes can keep depression and anxiety at bay
  • Diet- fuel is so important during stressful times; proper nutrition can ward off opportunistic diseases which often strike when you are most vulnerable
  • Medication & Herbals- remedies without prescriptions; no need for the expense and embarrassment of a trip to the doctor
  • Sleep, delicious sleep; oh, for just a good night’s sleep….
  • Simplify your life for serenity and sanity; get off the multitasking treadmill for life!
  • Find new interests and re-socialization; take charge and reclaim your life
  • Hope for the future- brings day-to-day strength; brighter days do truly lie ahead! 




  • “Yoga breathing (pranayama) can rapidly bring the mind to the present moment and reduce stress.” ~Patricia L. Gerbarg, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, New York Medical College
  • “We provide clinical evidence for the use of yoga breathing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. By inducing stress resilience, breath work enables us to rapidly and compassionately relieve many forms of suffering.” ~Richard P. Brown, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons





  • Resolution of long-standing anger or resentment.
  • Improved mood and outlook; a lighter heart and healthier psyche.
  • Decreased stress-physical, mental, and emotional; more energy.
  • Better mental focus; improved concentration for work,
    school or home projects.
  • Improved sleep hygiene; welcome feelings of well-being.
  • Tried-and-true relaxation techniques that will amaze you 







You can get started on the Grief Relief program right now! Even if it’s three o’clock in the morning, you can get instant access to the files and guidebook, for direct downloading into your computer. Then, you can access them as you need them, burn them to a disc, or print out the informative instruction guide.


Remember, you have nothing to lose by entering the 60 day trial offer. If you don’t feel much better after trying the program, just ask for your money back, and we will refund it immediately, no questions asked.

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*** Excerpts from actual submissions to the website.

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