Pet Loss Books – Words Of Comfort From Pet Loss Survivors

Pet loss books

Sometimes just reading the stories of grief shared by others who have lost a beloved pet can provide great comfort to you. The books below help you to know that you are not alone in your sorrow, nor are you “silly” or “crazy” to mourn your loss so deeply. A good book can speak to you in a very personal and helpful way during your dark and sad times.

 Blessing the Bridge
    by Rita Reynolds

What animals teach us about death, dying and beyond.  A compassionate approach to simply ‘being’ with animals, offers a deeper understanding of our connection to our companions in life and death.

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 Animals and the Afterlife
    by Kim Sheridan

Provides reassurance to anyone who has ever loved and lost an animal, and food for thought for anyone who has ever questioned the place of animals in the larger scheme of things, both here on earth and in the afterlife.

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 Grieving the Death of a Pet
   by Betty J. Carmack

Those who can say ‘it’s just a pet’ won’t need this book. For those who know better, this book teaches how to fully honor the loss of a truly beloved companion and find successful closure.

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 Healing the Pain of Pet Loss
  by Kymberly Smith

Letters in Memoriam is a collection of 38 inspiring and often heart-wrenching letters by grieving pet owners. A pet grief support group in a book.

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 The Loss of a Pet
    by Wallace Sife

Understanding helps heal the hurt when you lose a cherished pet.  With practical suggestions, resources, and most importantly, compassion and understanding.

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 Three Cats, Two Dogs
   by David Congalton
One mans painful journey through grief after losing all 5 of his beloved pets in a tragic house fire.

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 Until We Meet Again
    by Asevimoru

A completely unique and fascinating look at God’s plan for his animals. An uplifting and hopeful ‘must read’ for all animal lovers.

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Have you been profoundly affected by the death of your beloved pet?
Do you feel like you could use some help working through your pet loss grief?
We have found a great new resource that might be just what what you need…It is an e-workbook entitled “How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery”,  by Robin Jean Brown.

Ms. Brown has turned her own grief into a focused recovery process that uses journaling, to help you:

  • Validate the importance of your tragedy and feelings
  • Learn valuable grief coping skills & strategies
  • Find closure and renewed happiness despite your loss

The loss of a beloved animal companion can be devastating. Society does not provide us with the rituals and resources to properly deal with pet loss grief, so we suffer alone, and in silence.

ROAR is a sensible, practical, compassionate approach that helps lead you gently through the grief of losing one of your “best friends”.

Read more about ROAR, highly recommended and reasonably priced:
       Pet Loss Grief Recovery





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