Stress Management Article – 7 Steps To Saner Living

Stressed Out?  
7 Steps to Saner Living
A Stress Management Article

Welcome to our free stress management article. You’ll be glad you made the visit!

Surely, you have heard that keeping your stress level under control is good for your physical and mental well-being. You see it in the media, read it online, and your doctor may have even told you to reduce your stress levels. But just how do you do that?

Our stress management program teaches you exactly how. Fresh new techniques, simple but important changes in your routine, and some unique, powerful tools will all combine to help you bring your tension and stress levels under control. And everything you learn here can be used again during stressful times throughout your lifetime.

You may have been referred to this page from our grief website. After all, what could be more stressful than losing a dear loved one? Please know that we realize you are likely experiencing extreme anxiety as a result of your loss, and we extend our sincerest hope that you will pull through and see a successful resolution of your grief in time. Our system is sure to help ease you through and make your bereavement experience just a little more tolerable.

But, we also issue a *Warning*:
If you are in the first, earliest stages of grief, we do not recommend this program for you (yet).

Why not? It is essential for a healthy bereavement that you NOT avoid extreme emotions and anxiety in the first few months following a loss. You must experience the whole thing fully in order to successfully process grief and move on.

So please, if your loved one died less than three months ago, simply bookmark this page for now and come back to it later.

Stress management article

Now then, if you have been mourning for 3-4 months or longer, and find yourself bogged down due to the distress and high anxiety your loss has caused you, then it is time for you to join our stress reduction program. It does not help you avoid your grief, it teaches you how to better live with it. And those of you visiting for general information on stress management, read on…

We invite you to sign up below for our free plan for stress reduction (and saner living). It consists of 7 lessons or steps, a new one emailed to you every 3 days. Included are tips on changing your attitude and outlook, diet, exercise, drugs, and helpful herbals. We provide instruction in simple relaxation techniques, tell you how to reach out for free resources, and in the final lessons, we introduce you to some special, powerful tools which we have found very helpful for keeping our own stresses under control.

Sign up below (it’s free), and in 21 days you will be well on your way to a cleaner, calmer, more enjoyable life!

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  1. Thanks Jennie & all those keeping her great work alive, her book “Back to life” has help me to heal & find peace


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