Poetry  as Therapy

"There is no grief like the grief that does not speak."

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"There is no grief like the grief that does not speak."

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Writing about painful experiences is key to successful recovery. If journal writing is not your bag, try your hand at poetry... yes, you! Writing poetry taps into your own private creativity. There is just something about the free, unstructured expression of emotions that writing poems provides...

*Don't miss the link to our inspiring collection of poems about grief and loss at the bottom of this page.


Grief poem...

Paul McCartney returned to his poetic roots by publishing a collection of poems and song lyrics entitled "Blackbird Singing". It includes poems and lyrics from 1965-1999, many of which cannot be read without hearing Beatle melodies in your mind. But try to look at them all from a poetic standpoint, and you are in for a treat.

The book closes with poems dedicated to Paul's late wife, Linda, who died of breast cancer in 1998. These memorial poems are tender and startlingly honest. 

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Grief poem...

Cathy Sosnowsky, a college English instructor, produced a beautiful volume of poetry following the accidental death of her son Alex. Although a slim volume, "Holding On: Poems for Alex" speaks eloquently to the heart of any bereaved parent.

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And we also have compiled a collection of classic and modern poems about grief and loss for you to explore. Just don't forget to come back and post your own poem about your loss below.


You too can find comfort, expression, connection and healing through the creative outlet known as poetry. Express your own thoughts and feelings in your own way. You can keep your poems private by writing them in a personal journal if you like.

Or, you can easily submit your own personal grief poem here at our website. There's just something comforting in letting the world know about your pain in this way. You can use a stage name if you don't want to use your own.

I suggest that you first write your poem on paper or type it into a simple word processor like Notepad. Then you can take your time and get it just right. Find a photo to go with it... it can be of anything, your lost beloved, or a beautiful outdoor scene. It really adds to your webpage. Then, enter it all into our simple form below. Read poems others have written and then give it a try yourself. Might be just the thing you need today...



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Express Your Grief Through a Poem

Would you like to try your hand at poetry? It can be very soothing, and may provide comfort to others... Share it!

What Other Visitors Have Posted

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Love Poem 
I saw the moon tonight Not quite full - not yet But coming into glory And I thought of you You left before the last full moon And I gazed at it, …

Stay strong  
Life can be hard When you lose someone you love feel like falling apart But you've got to stay tough. Think of the good times That you shared …

Grief, it’s not something you just get over.  
Why I no longer care? I am going through a change in my life and a clean-up of my past. So as many may know, I have loved and lost a lot in the past …

Jeremiah 64 
Life without Jerry is not the same. I long to hear and say your name. But when you left who's to blame. I guess that's the rules of this life game.

Life Happens ..... 
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Reality comes around. You feel helpless then hopeless. There is a huge empty hole …

Missing Myshka 
In memory of Myshka We had a lovely pussycat, With a very pretty face, But now wherever we go and look, there's just an empty space. She loved …

The long goodbye  
In 2011 my mum may as well have gone to heaven; she had dementia you see. We cared as much as we could but to stay at home was not meant to be. I …

Definition: Reminisce 
Thinking back, a simple word, Rarely used, but often heard, …

If I had to write a poem 
If I had to write a poem I would put pen to my thoughts, and describe my inner feelings as I should have but did not Belying hurt and grief I braved …

I Have Often Though About Who He Was 
THERE was a boy who liked butterflies looking at the moon and stars through his telescope cats, especially Ruthie rollerblading …

Finding a cure. 
Searching for , a certain way, …

Remembering You 
I remember your smile I remember the life found in your eyes. I remember that summer before you passed and how I would fall on my skates because I was …

New Year's Eve 2016 
I know you('re gone, just want to believe, To feel your presence, …

How ? 
How with grief , does one forget? How with thoughts so firmly set ? …

Why ? 
Why her presence when she's gone ? Why the love from far beyond ? Why her memories from week to week ? Why the young her face they seek ? …

I Remember My Son 
Those days he was small were his best days of all. I Remember his laughter as he played with his brother, Hot wheels,tree climbing and carving pumpkins …

Covered Chairs 
I remember attending my grandfather’s funeral at the age of five. And on that cold spring day, as we pulled into the cemetery drive, I noticed there …

On the 10th of November, '87 God sent us an Angel down from Heaven Big brown eyes and a smile so sweet That was our darling Marguerite She stayed …

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