Scattering Of Ashes – Creative Options For A Fitting Farewell

A Fiery Farewell

Human ashes have been tossed overboard and out of planes. Brian Kelly took it a step further, arranging to have his ashes loaded into a fireworks shell that exploded Friday night in a red-and-green starburst with a silver tail.

Kelly, a Michigan fireworks handler who died last month, went out with a bang during the grand finale at a convention of fireworks technicians in Pittsburgh. Kelly had told his sister “I just want to be a big firecracker”.

             ~ San Francisco Chronicle, 8/15/94

Just the act of choosing to have your loved one cremated, and to scatter his ashes, speaks for your independent spirit and unconventional approach to death and personal celebration of a life lost.

You and your family have decided not to bury your loved ones’ remains in a cemetery, but instead to scatter his or her sacred remains to the earth… “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”.

We suspect that you made this decision to honor the free spirit of your lost one, too. It is what he or she would have wanted. And so, we urge you to give some thought to what he would have wanted done with his ashes. This may well promote some comfort, closure and healing to all who attend.

Plan a simple ceremony to commemorate the ash scattering. Do what feels right to you, what he or she would have wanted.

Some readings might include prayers, scripture, poems, a few short eulogies or words about your lost one.The 23rd psalm is often used for a ceremony for Christians, and evokes strong emotions in most people.

       And this from the Book of Common Prayer:
       “We therefore commit his body to the ground;
       Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust;
       In sure and certain hope of the Resurrection.”

Music: a song, taped or live, that has meaning or was his favorite, would also add to the mood. Click here for some ideas: Grief Music.

A scattering of ashes at sea is a common and poignant means of disposal of the cremains. For more details, click here: Scattering of ashes at sea.

Unique & Creative Ash Scattering Services

Scattering of ashes at sea (can also be performed in your absence):

Ashes dispersed five miles up in the sky via balloon:

Ashes cast into a memorial reef ball placed on the ocean floor (a useful part of coral reef restoration and marine habitat development):




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