Baby memorial gifts

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There is perhaps nothing more heartbreaking than the death of an infant or child. Although the loss of any loved one is grievous and sad, losing a child can be particularly devastating to a family.

It violates the natural order of things, the natural progression of the generations. It just seems so unfair and hard to justify!

Added to this is a stigma that society places on bereaved parents. If an infant is lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or other perinatal causes, outsiders seem to discount the significance of the loss. Now you and I know how unreasonable this is, but it happens all too often. I guess the thinking is that if you didn't know the child for very long, then the grief should not be as great. Parents are urged to get over the loss as soon as possible, and "get on with their lives". After all, you can have more children...

And if an older child dies, friends and acquaintances are only too aware of how great your loss really is. In fact, they often try to minimize it because it hits home so hard... it could have happened to them! So once again, you find outsiders wanting to get past the tragedy as soon as possible, and urging the parents to do so, too.

Don't be guilty of failing to properly acknowledge the enormity of the loss when your friend loses a child, for whatever reason. Be there for them, and understand that they need a full and lengthy bereavement in order to heal from their personal tragedy.

No, a sympathy gift is not necessary. The gifts we suggest below are certainly not mandatory, and we don't want to "guilt trip" you into thinking they are. What the bereaved parents need most right now is the contact and warmth of friends and family. Show them that you care and support them, no matter how uncomfortable and overwhelming the situation. A gift is not necessary. Your presence is.

That being said, we present below a few sympathy items that would be appropriate for bereaved parents, if you feel it might help:

           Miscarriage Comfort Basket


            Miscarriage: Healing & Hope


            Hope for a Hurting Heart


               To Let You Know I Care


Baby memorial gifts


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