Grief Loss Recovery – Hope and Health Through Creative Grieving

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

Grief loss…

So the unthinkable has happened to you! A special loved one has been torn from your life by tragedy, and you are heartbroken. I am so very sorry for your loss and wish to extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Welcome, my friend, to our grief loss recovery website. You have come to the right place for straight answers, practical advice… and hope.

You are in the midst of one of the most painful and trying experiences that a human can possibly endure. No one can know the depths of your pain, and we know that you will never forget this terrible tragedy. Memories of your departed loved one will never leave you, nor should they.

Hope for the future…

I think it may help you to know that grief is a process, a long journey of acceptance and healing. And you can get through it, and come back in time to a happy and productive life. I know it is hard for you to believe right now, but you must hold onto hope, and keep in the back of your mind that things will eventually get better.

You are not alone in this. You probably feel quite overwhelmed and bewildered right now, sort of like you were picked up and placed on a different planet! This grief thing is a surreal new world of uncharted territory for you, and no one gave you a roadmap, did they?

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About our website…

Jennie was originally the editor and webmaster for “Recover From Grief”. She was a Registered Nurse with many years of practice as an  ICU nurse. She has helped and comforted many traumatized families as they began their grief loss experiences.

This website evolved as a result of Jennie’s interest in an advanced study of grief theory and interventions, with eventual certification as a grief counselor. Jennie has seen her own share of personal tragedy, and she looked for easier ways to cope with her own grief. Thus was born our site concept of “healing through creative grieving”.

Today, Adriana is keeping Jennie’s dream alive by continuing to provide a safe place for grieving people to come for encouragement.

There is no “right way” or “wrong way” to grieve… but there are ways to make the whole ordeal more bearable and find successful closure. Grief loss recovery is a long and painful process, but there will be brighter days ahead for you, I promise. Let us help you find them.


Grief loss…

Mental health care professionals agree that one of the most helpful ways to work through mourning is to express your grief, and not hold it in. And your most effective and creative expressions of grief may differ from the next person.

We present on our website a variety of creative mourning techniques: talking, writing, creating art, music or poetry, or memorializing are all good ways to express your bereavement. Explore our site to find the expressive techniques that feel “just right” for you:


Grief loss…

Most of the grief websites out there today are one of two types: either a “memorial” website, to post a tribute to your beloved (which we will also provide), or “informational”, which provide good material, but in “textbook” or “article” format. Neither of these sites gives you a clear, practical plan for dealing with the stresses and uncertainty of grief loss.

We strive to fill that void with this website. is all about you… your pain and your grief and sorrow. It is designed as a stand-alone workshop. You can pick and choose topics to explore or progress through the site in the order of the navigation bars on the left. Subjects have been organized in a logical manner, building upon the pages before it.

We are a young website, but already provide all of these great resources:

Grieving child

My hope is that you will come to our website often, and tell other grieving friends and family members about it. And our biggest wish is that you get to the point where you don’t need us anymore. Then “pay it forward” by recommending “” to someone else who needs it more.

Curious about this website? Read more About Us here.

HOW WE CAN HELP, is not meant to be a “quick fix” or shortcut through grief and sorrow. That is not advisable or healthy. It’s a place for you to come when you feel the need. Here you will find many comforting ideas and creative techniques to help you cope and recover from grief loss.

  • Visit often… see what others have added to your grief or memorial pages.
  • Read the stories of grief and sorrow posted by other mourners, so you won’t feel so all alone.
  • Find out if an alarming new symptom you are experiencing is “normal”.
  • Pick out a unique and special way to memorialize your lost beloved.
  • Find a strong book or comfort item to help you through the dark times.

As long as you are moving, changing, creating, expressing, doing something; your grief and sorrow will proceed in a healthy manner.

***By the way, we chose the dove as our site logo because it is the universal symbol for peace… and that’s what we hope to help you eventually find.

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Once again, our profound sympathy to you in your loss. Ready to begin? We suggest you start with “YOUR PAIN”.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”
~ Chinese Proverb

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